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  • The main elements of the success of the author Kakroo: 1. Life or professional experience. Do not write about things in which you do not understand. 2. The ability to clearly Express their thoughts. Article-Council - is the primary format of your communication with readers. 3. Willingness to respond to comments to your advice. The more questions/responses to your article, the more useful advice and more article views. 4. The share of patience. The more you write, the more people will read your advice. And the more money you will earn.
Go to the page "Become an author". In addition to the short descriptions of all the features that will appear as the author Kakrola, you will find links to our groups in social networks, a link to the page of the main questions (FAQ) and a link to the registration form. If you have ever previously recorded on Kakrola, the functionality of the author will appear in your Profile after you log in to the website.
Sign up on the website Kakrola through your account in one of social networks or using the registration system on the website. You will receive a notification on your e-mail with a link to activate your Profile. Important notes: 1. If you register using a social network Vkontakte, do not forget, then to specify your email address. 2. If you register via a social networking account you have, a window will appear asking you to authorize the application Kakrola. Authorization is perfectly safe, so feel free to click "authorize" or "allow". 3. Write a little about yourself and your experience on the page "profile Settings". This will allow your readers to have more trust in your advice. 4. If you first registered, for example, through Facebook, use this registration method in the future. If you after some time register, for example, through Classmates, it will be a completely new profile without already written your articles and the statistics of views and payments. However, in the near future, the site will be able to link your account Kakrola to multiple social networking accounts. And then you can go to the site using any social network.
Registration form
After registration you will get access to your Profile and Personal account. In order for your profile appeared in the article and you started to earn money, you need to start to write tips and share them with readers. To do this, click on the link "Write an article". This is your most important step as a new author Kakrola. The rules of writing the articles you can see in the separate "Instructions". But the General advice is simple - write helpful tips, be original and competent. Copying other people's advice is strongly discouraged and may lead to blocking of your account.
The user profile and the menu of Personal Cabinet
You created the article is sent for review to our editors. Follow the basic rules of writing tips, and your article will be approved quickly and without the need of processing. Upon approval you will be sent a notification by e-mail. If, in your opinion, your article was rejected unfairly, you can write a question in the feedback form. The report must provide a link to your profile so the editors of the site to quickly find your article and indicate the reason for the rejection.
Feedback form
Once your article is approved and will appear on the site, you will be able in the current mode, increasing the number of views of their Council. When the accumulated amount reaches 200 rubles, you can get it on your Bank account. In order to be able to do that, you will need to fill in your payment details on the page "Payment data". This is the third year of work in a payment system and responsibly approach the issues of storing personal information.
Page fill billing
Don't forget to share your tips with their friends on social networks and blogs! In addition, we recommend you to search the Internet (using Google or Yandex) forums and blogs that discuss similar topics, and can post a link to your Board. This will allow you to increase the pageviews of your articles and, consequently, to earn more and faster.
To share advice on social networks