Many sports fans sometimes get the feeling that the commentator is broadcast correctly, there is a desire to fix it. What profession sportscaster like them to be?

Where to go to learn

The easiest way to become a commentator – is to graduate from the faculty of journalism with a specialization aimed at sports activities. Can also help in addressing this question special schools. But they don't teach.

Designate a certain time for which you can become a commentator, it is impossible, experience comes into practice. Educational institutions can not give practical experience, they only cover the basics of this profession.

In addition, there are courses of commentators. They often are former athletes or coaches who will later become a great sports commentators. It should be noted that this profession requires a love of sport. Without this will not be a good commentator.

Professional and personal qualities

The profession of a commentator is an art, because you need to captivate the viewer, in most cases the latter does not even see the face commentator. Every game the commentator must be a role, and stream scene.

This profession belongs to the category of public. Therefore, professional quality sports commentator is reading, education, and certainly the possession of a literary language.

As for personal qualities, the commentator is a bright, optimistic, with great energy.

Professionalism in this work is achieved as to how many reports you had. In schools there is a program of self-study to the reports, this is also a very important skill.

The secret of the profession

But schools do not teach everything. A lot to achieve through their own efforts. You need to read a lot of literature about the sport, get acquainted with the news of world sport, know the history.

In addition, the need to develop a voice, to follow the vocabulary and style of one's own speech. Indeed, many commentators became famous thanks to the uniqueness of the reference broadcast.

When reporting you must always remain objective. The commentator is a link between the viewer and the players, so your personal preference is better not to name. A good report should objectively cover the entire game, as to convey important information to the viewer.