History of high-rise construction

To build a monolithic home is offered in 20-years of XX century in Germany, the engineer Rigel. The first house of this type appeared in Moscow during the Stalinist construction. To date, the bulk of buildings accounts for monolithic-brick house. It is planned that Russia will be built for 10-15% more than monolithic brick buildings than the panel. Monolith-brick is a house built of reinforced concrete walls and brick facing.

The advantages of monolithic-brick construction

Monolithic construction allows to reduce the time for construction of the building (for speed of construction ahead construction brick-block houses) and significantly reduced financial costs. The advantage of the construction of reinforced concrete also can be noted such as long service life (100 years), no precipitation (glaze and insert the door immediately after solidification of the concrete), fire safety, good resistance to strong winds and climatic disasters. For a long time in Russia this method was built only in the industrial enterprises, factories, warehouses, etc., but now widely developed, the construction of residential houses. But over the past few years monolithic construction has gained popularity in the construction of country cottages.


Feature solid brick construction lies in the fact that during the construction of the beam-Foundation for a building that will not be finished before the first floor, and continues up to the roof of the house. Also in this form of construction it is necessary to apply the method of temporary formwork, which is manufactured at once on several floors, the construction of the next floor begins only when the concrete hardens to the previous one. During accelerated construction of the work is carried out at a time, one team is constructing load-bearing structures, but this time puts another brick wall. In parallel with the concrete pouring is carried out and capacity reinforcement. Reinforcement runs from the bottom of the house to his top.

Outer walls and bearing partitions made from concrete blocks that allows you to ignore the noise and keep warmth, these units also reduce the overall weight of the structure. Subsequently, these wall mounted heater. The role of insulation, mostly use the foam. At the final stage, the top placed facing brick. This material is finished with all the building, and externally the house is like entirely made of brick structure.