You need a new house?

So you have decided to buy a new house. At some point in life there comes a time when you need to change the family nest. Whether the effect of dilapidated old houses, the extended family or resettlement has grown and created their own family of children. Or just have a desire and there are opportunities to acquire additional rural home to spend free time, and in the future not to take up permanent residence. In this case, it can be a cottage in a picturesque forest zone. And the first question that arises is to decide the project – what needs to be built your home. What if it will brick?

Brick as a building material


Brick has long been known. It is a natural material from mother earth. Made bricks from clay with the addition of the various components, then it is subjected to firing. But not every clay is brick. Because sometimes you carry, sometimes, a real brick building across the country to who knows a lot about the customer. Standard dimensions of a single brick 250h120h65 mm. the Most popular brand in the construction of the 75 M and 100 M.
The numerical value of the brand of brick means its rated strength. For example, brick M 75 can withstand a pressure of 75 kg per 1 sq cm

Varieties of brick

Of brick to build buildings the most complex and intricate architecture. Thanks to fire-resistant material, brick walls directly adjoin stoves and fireplaces. It is also important that the front part of the brick walls do not need additional finishing.

Building market offers today bricks of different shapes and sizes, textures and colors, brick, designed for a particular stage of construction or used for construction of boiler room, private garage and other outbuildings. In addition, the brick perfectly combined with other materials. It can be combined with natural stone, it looks good in the ensemble with stained wood, and this is widely reflected in the submitted projects.

The advantages of a brick house

To realize his dream – to buy a solid, warm brick house – you can buy ready-made. But the house is fully answered your queries, it is better to build it, that is, from scratch, on their own. And we must start with the selection of the project. Today the construction of houses under the key are engaged in a > construction contractors are ready for your project to create a miracle. As the saying goes: “for your money anything you want”. No problems in the selection of a suitable project. Go online and make a request for the brick house design. You will discover a whole list of websites of companies that sell ready-made projects. Many companies are ready to consider your exclusive wishes and reflect them in individual, ”only for you” project.

Exterior load-bearing walls of houses made of bricks today are doing with a thickness of 51 or 64, see Also mandatory in the designs of houses designed for cold regions, exterior walls contain a layer of insulation. Therefore, in modern brick homes in the winter is not colder than a wooden house. Many years have traditionally been considered as the main disadvantage of the brick house is a long time erection now irrelevant. Modern technologies of construction allow to build a brick building of any complexity in the shortest period of time.
Choosing the directory the project is a brick house, do not miss any photo houses made of foam concrete. Bricks and aerated concrete – materials are interchangeable and have virtually identical properties and characteristics.

Some projects brick houses

On the web is offered to your attention a great variety of houses made of bricks of various architecture and size of the usable area. For example, project # F-093-1K. This small two-storey house-cottage with a total area of 92.50 sq. m, the living space of 47.20 sq. m. Exterior walls are made of brick with insulation. The roof is pitched, covered with shingles. Outer lining – plaster. This small rural house can easily fit on a plot of just three acres. Four rooms will be quite comfortable can a family of 3 – 5 people. The project cost 26 400 rubles.

Or project no. L-543-1K brick two-storey mansion with basement and attic with total area already 542.50 sq. m. Living area – 6 rooms – is 166.80 sq. m. the ground floor has all the technical and household facilities. On the ground floor – storeroom, dressing room, office with fireplace, guest room. Bedrooms, kitchen and dining room project on the second floor. The loft can be used at their discretion.

In the directory to the projects presented plans of all the floors of houses and quality photos.