Assure love. This of course also applies to the words, but they need to say. To think that "everything is clear, once we are together" or "I provide" is not necessary – person (especially women) need reassurance in words constantly. It is a need, the absence of which makes one unhappy.
Show some respect. It's hard to do women, but is vital to feel to men. This is the best proof of love, which must manifest itself in respectful language, behavior and words. They are so used to – no respect, that means talking more about.
Consider the preferences of each other. If you start from the needs of its halves and take them into account, far reach. You not only show it but also encourage to answer you the same. In addition, is the key to a durable and strong relationship.
To settle disagreements. In the house, in which several days of not talking, hardly feel the love. So do not think about who of you is right and make a step forward, not to lose precious minutes of life on quarrels and bickering. Think about how much this misunderstanding will be in a week. About it forget already?
Forgive mistakes. How would a person tried, he can't always do the right thing. And you need to understand that you are also wrong and need forgiveness. So why be overly harsh to a favorite person, maybe tomorrow will need to forgive us?
Apologize for their mistakes. By doing so, you show that you are not indifferent to other's feelings and are concerned about the grievance. Besides, such behavior will be the best proof that you care about close to you.
Do gifts. A small but necessary detail is very nice. They say that you are attentive to each other, ready to do surprises and to surprise. Giving gifts is a good habit that saves the relationship from routine and everyday life.
Engage in joint business. Doing something together, people show that they want to spend with each other time and chat. So, they need each other and between them is love.