Getting rid of the unresponsiveness

If the tablet does not respond to any touch from the user, you can use the key combination immediate reboot. As a rule, most tablets can be reset by simultaneously pressing power button and key volume up. Hold down a combination of buttons and hold for approximately 2 seconds. As soon as the restart you can let them go.

At idle shortcuts you can use the Reset button available on some tablet models. If you can't find a key combination for quick restart, no Reset button, please refer to the unit.
When hung you can also extract and insert back the battery if it is removable.

Preventing hangs

If your tablet hangs when you are working with a specific program, try to make her delete and reinstall. To remove an application, use the menu "My apps" section in Play Market. In the list locate the name of the unwanted program, then press "Delete" to uninstall. Return to the application page and after removal install again. The repetition of an unresponsive device when working with this program, you should find an alternative application with similar functionality, and remove the problematic program.
To avoid deadlocks, do not install programs from unknown producers and protect the device from water and sharp blows.

Frequent random freezes of the tablet can occur due to a failure in the system Android. If you want to try to get rid of the freezes, try to reflash your phone or do a firmware update via the menu "Settings" - "About tablet" - "software Update". In order to avoid a recurrence of the problem you can reset the device settings to the factory defaults. The operation will clean the device from possible malicious apps and return to the initial state of the system.

Frequent freezes of the tablet can cause problems with the equipment itself device. If none of the above methods did not help to deal with the hang, contact service center for Troubleshooting. Unresponsiveness can begin as the result of multiple drops the tablet on the floor, and because of his long work or a defect in the hardware due to a lack of quality equipment or poor working conditions.