You will need
  • - USB cable;
  • card phone memory;
  • - card reader;
  • - special programs installed on the computer.
Connect your phone via USB cable to the computer. Insert the mini connector into the port on the phone, a conventional connector insert into the corresponding port of the PC. Wait until you see the window on the screen with a choice of actions that can be performed with the phone. Depending on the location of the video, select the memory window in the phone or memory card (Phone Card or Memory Card).
Select "Open to view files". In the opened folder, double-click the Video folder (Video) to open it. Next, select the desired video, clicking on it, then the folder where it is located.
Open it and place this window next to the window folder of the phone Video. Drag the selected videos from the in phone folder computer. On the screen a dialog box will appear showing how much time is left until full pumping.
If you do not want to drag, copy video from your phone. Click the right button of the mouse/touchpad and select "Copy". Close the folder with the video, as it is preserved in the clipboard.
Open the folder on your PC where you want to save the video. Click the right mouse button on an empty space and select "Paste". The screen will display a status bar showing how video is transferred to your computer.
If you own an Apple product, download the software IMTOO iPad Mate. Run, activate with keygen. Connect the USB cable to the iPhone to the computer. Close or disable for iTunes in task Manager. Run the program.
If you are prompted to activate the software. In the Name field, enter Mulder; box License Code paste the code 03F488371B40564835D-B592-F1F7-6ADC-0F1. Click "OK". In the software, select the "Video" section and click on the required video right-click. Select the action Copy to Computer. Wait for the pumping of the video in the computer.
To transfer video from a flash card, insert the pendrive in the port of the computer. Select a folder and a video, click on video right click and choose "Copy". Paste into the desired directory on the computere by right click on the empty space and selecting "Paste".