There is such a thing as a trophic complex mechanisms of the body responsible for metabolism and preservation of normal structure of cells. When the disease dystrophy violated the self-regulation of the cells and transport metabolic products.

This disease often affected small children up to three years, its effects are expressed in the form of delayed physical, psychomotor and intellectual development.

The types of dystrophy

Depending on what processes of the organism were subjected to violation, the degeneration can be classified as: fat, protein, mineral and carbohydrate. On his distribution dystrophy varies as extracellular, cellular and mixed.

On the etiology of this disease is both innate and acquired. Genetically congenital dystrophy is caused by impaired metabolism of carbohydrates, fats or proteins with hereditary nature. Marvel at the different body tissues and the Central nervous system. The disease is particularly insidious because the deficiency of essential body enzymes can lead to death.

Symptoms dystrophy

The symptoms manifest in the form of excitation, the deterioration of sleep, fatigue, loss of appetite, General weakness and loss of body weight. Little kids have a delay in development.

Depending on the severity of the disease, can be observed: decrease in muscle tone of the body, disturbances in the immune system, enlarged liver and violation of the chair.

Possible even such phenomena as cardiac arrhythmias, lowering blood pressure, anemia and goiter.

Dystrophy treatment

Dystrophy treatment in all cases should be carried out comprehensively depending on its severity. If the disease is a consequence of any disease, the emphasis of treatment directed to the cause of the disease. The main treatment is therapy with the help of various diets, as well as prevention of secondary infections.

When the disease first severity of children treated at home, but in the case of second and third degree treatment in a stationary mode with the placement of the sick child in a separate box.

In the appointment of medical diet, you first define the tolerance of the organism of a certain kind of food and then gradually increasing its volume.

Dystrophy often patients prescribed breast milk and milk formulas. Nutrition should be a fraction - up to ten times a day. Also the patient should keep a food diary, listing all changes of a chair and body weight. In addition to food administered enzymes, vitamins, biologically active additives and stimulants.

In order to protect your child from diseases of degeneration, a woman in period of pregnancy should carefully monitor their health, give up bad habits and respect the day. After the child is born, you must follow certain rules of feeding and newborn care. It is very important to timely treat various infectious diseases and to comply with the regime of visits to the pediatrician for weight control and growth of the child.