Left ventricular hypertrophy can occur at a young age and be the cause of sudden death, stroke or heart attack. The most frequent complaint could be high blood pressure, headaches, unstable blood pressure, chest pain, malaise, General weakness, poor sleep, irregular pulse. If there is at least one symptom, immediately contact your cardiologist and get a referral for medical examinations.
Methods of examination includes ultrasound, ECG, Echocardiography, blood tests, blood pressure control. On the basis of the conducted examinations, the cardiologist will prescribe a treatment. Mostly prescribed beta-blockers and verapamil, as well as systematic control over the work of the heart.
Additionally to the basic therapy exercise routine, diet, give up bad habits. Alcohol while taking beta-blockers are strictly contraindicated. Get rid of the nicotine addiction, do not drink caffeinated drinks, move more.
Maximum weight and reduce the amount of salt in the diet. Eat in moderation and fractional portions. The diet must be present low-fat varieties meat, seafood, milk and dairy products, fruits, vegetables. Minimize the intake of animal fats, sweets, baked, bakery.
The doctor may recommend activities swimming, aerobics, Jogging, physical therapy. Physical activity should be moderate. Regularly check blood pressure and visit the cardiologist for a follow-up survey.
If, in addition, there are chronic diseases such as diabetes, need good compensation.
Drugs are prescribed for life, and if the disease progresses, the walls of the heart thicken and impede blood flow to the brain or other organs, can be assigned to the operation.