Advice 1: What zodiac signs fit rhinestone

The name "crystal" comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning "ice". Other names of this mineral – Bohemian diamond and Arabic diamond. Rhinestone is quartz. Like other minerals, he is credited with many medicinal and mystical properties.
Rhinestone is sometimes called Bohemian or Arabic diamond


In Greek mythology heroes, gods and kings were only drinking from crystal cups. And this is no coincidence. At that time it was believed that crystal is able to expel water from the disease or, in modern parlance, to disinfect the water.
It is also believed that when put under the pillow rhinestone saves people from nightmares, relieves insomnia and unreasonable fears.

Healers of Tibet crystal balls was applied to the wounds. They were confident as soon as on the affected area using a stone will fall the sun's rays – the wounds will heal. Today scientists explain this ability of rock crystal. It turns out that the passage of ultraviolet rays through the crystal all the bacteria are killed that promotes a speedy recovery.

Rhinestone and zodiac signs

Alchemists of the middle Ages said that rhinestone – skin of the planet, which helps to receive signals from the astral world and Cosmos. Since ancient times it was believed that this stone gives its owner the gift of clairvoyance. But, like any other mineral, it is not suitable for all zodiac signs.

There are several types of rock crystal, and each affects a person differently. Smoky mineral stimulates the imagination. However, it also distorts reality. Astrologers say that you should wear Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra), and also people born under a Water sign (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio).

Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo), smoky crystal can be worn only in one case – if they suffer from addiction or alcoholism. It is believed that this stone heals these serious diseases.

Absolutely contraindicated smoky crystal Sagittarius and Capricorn. Those born under these signs are people are inclined to excessive fantasy, so this gem will make them true liars.

Black crystals of rock crystal helps to communicate with the souls of the dead. This stone can only be born under the sign of Scorpio.
As a talisman, rock crystal attract to its owner the joy of life, love, the sympathy of others, inner peace, luck and prosperity.

Clear crystals rhinestone with opaque inclusions are called "nematomorpha". Stones with needle-like inclusions referred to as "Cupid's arrows" and fiber – "hair of Venus". The names of these stones talk about their main purpose is to attract love and happiness.

The crystals of mountain crystal green color bring its owner health and peace of mind.

Rhinestone transparent, "nematomorpha" and the crystals of greenish color can be worn all the signs of the zodiac, without exception.

Advice 2: How to open a gift of clairvoyance

Magicians, sorcerers and clairvoyants in our time very much. But most of them are simply magicians, or even the real charlatans, rook. And they are all great psychologists. Their judgments are often based on human response to their questions. But there are also real magicians really possess the gift of clairvoyance. Who knows, perhaps this talent you have.
How to open a gift of clairvoyance
Most often the ability to witchcraft and clairvoyance passed down from generation to generation. Even considered that before, all people had the ability to foresee the future, and, perhaps, exceptional intuition. But now, in times of technical progress, when each busy with his business, and every minute of danger to life no, this knowledge just disappeared as unnecessary. And only in those families which have long been cherished that gift, strongly develop and expand its capabilities.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>
How to understand whether the gift of clairvoyance do you have? Rummage in the family archives. Perhaps your grandmother or great-grandmother, grandfather or great-grandfather was considered a witch. Then, perhaps, endowed with psychic abilities and you.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>
Analyze their past. Have you ever had something you dreamed of events that happened to you or your loved ones? If it happened more than once or twice, you can talk about the gift of clairvoyance.
Can you determine at a glance where people work, does he have family, what he likes? For these sorcerers is not working.
Very often magical ability to open up after a severe life shocks - clinical death, the lightning strike, car accident. Some people in these cases, suddenly included the reserve areas of the brain, long forgotten. They are responsible for intuition bordering on clairvoyance.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>
If you want to open the gift of clairvoyance to imagine, think, and if you need it. After all, a clear knowledge of upcoming events is a very heavy cross. Do you foresee illness and death of loved ones, devastating natural phenomena - hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, wars and epidemics. But the nice features is to guess the number of lucky lottery ticket to win a trip to an exotic country, get a promotion - these abilities do not provide. Think, will you be able to bear the whole burden upon you? If Yes, then most likely, the ability of clairvoyance you have. And this gift very soon you will open.
How to open a gift <b>clairvoyant</b>

Advice 3: What stone corresponds to one or INOUT Zodiac sign

Since ancient astrologers discovered that each semi-precious and precious stone corresponds to a certain Zodiac sign. It is believed that the man who bears decoration with a suitable stone, receives a charge of positive energy. It has a beneficial effect on his mood and health, and render even magical protection. So what stones are advised to wear your Zodiac sign and why.
What stone corresponds to one or INOUT Zodiac sign

Stones Zodiac signs


For Aries, the best mascot will be the diamond. It gives him the strength to overcome any difficulties, strengthens and encourages perseverance in moments of mental weakness. Amethyst calms and relieves stress, sapphire will help not to lose my temper, and ruby to cope with emotional pain.


Taurus main stone is an emerald. He brings joy, fun and harmony, holding back the fatal passion. Chrysoprase Taurus gives determination and protects from losses and setbacks helps to achieve success. Chalcedony brings joy and restores inner strength.


The Gemini stones: agate, alexandrite, beryl and Topaz. Agate teaches Gemini to be more patient and helps to make the right decision. Alexandrite calms the nerves and smooths out the conflicts. Beryl brings good luck and helps to achieve desired results, helps to strengthen family relationships. Topaz soothes and balances the emotions, calms the Twins with nervous exhaustion.


Mascots for people born under the sign of Cancer, are: pearl, emerald, moonstone and cat's eye. Pearls Cancer develops intuition, attracts luck and is a reliable protection against negative energy. The emerald is uplifting and relieves you from the sad thoughts. "Cat's eye" protects from damage. Moonstone solves problems in matters of the heart bestowing the gift of eloquence and persuasion.


People born under the sign of Leo, derive their energy from the Sun, so amber brings happiness only the sign. Olivine improves the relationship of Leo with others makes him stronger and reveals hidden potential. Topaz helps the lion to climb the corporate ladder and win the favour of superiors.


Virgins bring happiness jade and Jasper. Jasper will help Virgo to establish family relationships and become more tolerant. Jade strengthens vitality and protects from disease.


This sign fit aquamarine, lapis lazuli and tourmaline. With aquamarine will become easier to endure sharp mood swings that are characteristic of the representatives of this sign. Lapis clears your mind and keeps you young. Tourmaline enhances the positive qualities of Libra and has a positive effect on the endocrine system.


Suitable stones – garnet and black opal. Grenade attributed magical properties. This stone has the power to grant power over people and its also called the stone of fidelity, friendship and gratitude. Black opal soothes the Scorpion and teaches to know yourself and improve.


This sign of the Zodiac fit yellow Topaz, turquoise and beryl. Turquoise Sagittarius brings good luck in business and brings wealth. Decoration with Topaz better wear on the road. Chrysolite helps to develop intuition and warns against rash actions.


People who were born under this sign fit the ruby, onyx and green malachite. Rubin will bring the Capricorn happiness in love and committed to gain favor from others. Onyx will give power over people, and unravel the secret plans of the rivals. Malachite has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relieves insomnia.


The stones of this sign are amethyst and zircon. Amethyst helps Aquarius to have faith in their own strength and to concentrate better on the task. Amethyst also protects Aquarius from the envious and dishonest people. Zircon improves mental faculties and awakens the Aquarius's desire for Sciences.


Lucky stones for Pisces are aquamarine, amethyst and pearls. Aquamarine gives the Fish the courage and feeling of self-worth. Amethyst brings luck, it is easier to achieve reciprocity in love. Pearls promotes well-being and longevity

What stones should not be worn

Each Zodiac sign has its antipode. It is a sign that is separated from it by 180 degrees in the circle.

Aries – Libra, Taurus – Scorpio, Gemini – Sagittarius, Cancer – Capricorn, Leo – Aquarius, Virgo – Pisces. The stones of these pairs of characters are contraindicated for each other, and it is advisable to consider this when choosing your mascot.

Advice 4: Which zodiac sign which stone suitable

Since ancient times people have noticed the influence of gemstones on the life. Sages have argued that everyone should wear certain metals and minerals to balance their internal forces to suppress the excessive qualities and stimulate weak. In the world there are many different classifications of minerals. Choosing a gemstone for yourself or as a gift to a dear person, you can use the most common method of selection according to the astrological signs of the zodiac.
Which zodiac sign which stone suitable
Aries. People born under this sign, suitable stones such as agate, garnet, ruby, Hawkeye, special attention should be paid to the sardonyx. Also the favourable impact of the following minerals: diamond, turquoise, coral, carnelian, red opal, lapis lazuli, citrine. Ring with amulet, Aries are best worn on the index finger.
Taurus are not recommended especially strong stones. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac correspond to the stones: aventurine, agate, aquamarine, amazonite, lapis lazuli, opal, rose quartz, sapphire and tiger's eye. Mineral special forces for Taurus is carnelian. Amulet in the form of a ring to be worn on the middle finger.
Twins to nurture harmony in life suitable minerals such as agate, diamond, amethyst, beryl, rock crystal, pearl, emerald, jade, pyrite, sapphire, Topaz, amber and Jasper. Special attention should be paid to the Topaz. The ring-talisman Gemini is worn on the ring finger.
Cancers will do aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, rock crystal, pearl, emerald, moonstone, jade, carnelian and tiger's eye. The greatest strength is the chalcedony. Amulets and talismans in the form of a signet ring Cancers are best worn on the little finger.
Lions should pay attention to such stones, like aventurine, diamond, beryl, malachite, jade, onyx, opal, sapphire, carnelian, tiger's eye, Topaz, peridot and citrine. The most powerful for the lions are the minerals of amber and Jasper.
Virgo as talismans can use aventurine, agate, turquoise, rock crystal, moonstone, coral, opal, carnelian, tiger eye, jade and Jasper. You should pay special attention to such stones as emeralds and sapphires. Talismans-rings Virgos need to wear on the middle finger.
For Libra lucky charms are products of agate, of aquamarine, diamond, amethyst, rock crystal, labradorite, moonstone, coral, jade, sapphire, carnelian, Falcon eye, opal and citrine. The most powerful amulet is the beryl. Rings, amulets, which are worn on the ring finger, Libra will bring good luck.
Scorpions as talismans necessary to use such stones, like aventurine, alexandrite, almandine, beryl, turquoise, hematite, garnet, pearls, quartz-hair stone, coral, cat's eye, labradorite, onyx, fire opal, ruby, sapphire, and carnelian. Special force for this sign has amethyst. Amulet in the shape of a ring and Scorpions are best worn on the little finger.
Sagittarius talismans will serve as minerals such as agate, almandine, beryl, garnet, emerald, coral, pyrope, ruby, Falcon eye, tiger's eye, Topaz, epidote and amber. Especially strong is the hyacinth. To wear a ring with amulet, Sagittarius must be on the index finger.
Stones-talismans for Capricorn are considered as alexandrite, amethyst, hematite, rock crystal, garnet, pearl, labradorite, moonstone, malachite, onyx, opal, pyrope, ruby, carnelian, serpentine, Falcon eye and tiger eye. Special power of chrysoprase. A ring with a stone guardian Capricorns need to wear on the middle finger.
Aquarius the perfect assistants will be such minerals: amethyst, turquoise, pearls, coral, jade, obsidian, carnelian, sapphire, Topaz and Jasper. Special attention should be given to rock crystal. Rings as amulets and talismans is worn on the ring finger.
Fish luck and prosperity will bring such stones as beryl, turquoise, jade, pearl, moonstone, opal, Selenite, carnelian, Topaz, chrysolite, chrysoprase and epidote. A particular strength of the Fish has sapphire. The ring is the mascot of the Fish must be worn on the little finger.
Stones have the ability to influence not only his master but also to accumulate energy, to help matters, treat, etc. the selection of minerals should be approached with great care. If the human energy field resonates with the field stone, it strengthens. But if not, it is destroyed and can cause serious illnesses or mishaps.

Advice 5: How to know which gemstone is right for you

Gems delight their owners not only luster and exquisite appearance. Each stone has a set of properties that can positively affect a person's life. To find out which stone you should buy, you can pick up a jewel that is appropriate to the name or sign of the zodiac of the future owner.
How to know which gemstone is right for you

The choice of stone for the zodiac sign

Astrologers have long attributed a variety of properties each gemstone, correlating it with a specific constellation. Every zodiac sign has one or more stones, the wearing of which will have a positive impact on family life, career or relationships with friends, maintain health and protect against disease. If you want to give stone another person, before buying you must make sure that the jewel have to taste your friend, otherwise the effect from wearing the stone can be reduced to zero.

So, for Aries (21.03 - 20.04) perfect ruby, pearl, rhinestone, turquoise, diamond, diamond, Jasper or carnelian. Taurus (21.04 - 21.05) can buy a piece of jewelry with a sapphire, onyx, emerald, aventurine or agate. Born under the sign of Gemini (21.05 - 21.06) it is best to wear jewelry with citrine, pearls, carnelian, jewelry alexandrite or tiger eye.

Those born under the sign of Cancer (22.06 - 22.07), you should pick out jewelry with chrysoprase, aquamarine greenish tint, grey aventurine, or moonstone. To help in everyday Affairs the person born under the sign of Leo (23.07 - 23.04), jewelry made of peridot, rock crystal, sardonyx, onyx, Golden quartz. Born under the sign of Virgo (24.08 - 23.09) perfect jewelry with sapphires, jades, citrines, garnets, emeralds.

Libra (24.09 - 23.10) need to decorate yourself with jewelry with opal, amethyst, quartz, jade, tourmaline, lapis. Scorpions (24.10 - 22.11), you should choose products with Topaz, aquamarine, garnet, malachite, turquoise and beryl. Sagittarius (23.11 - 21.12) attract good luck in choosing the jewelry store of jewelry with emeralds, blue quartz, amethyst, Topaz, jacinth, chalcedony.

For Capricorn (22.12 -20.01) the mascot will serve as a piece of jewelry with ruby, garnet, obsidian, turquoise, malachite or tourmaline. Aquarius (21.01 - 20.02) need to look at the jewelry made of amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, jade or obsidian. Pisces (21.02 - 20.03) can wear jewelry with alexandrite or opal, amethyst, emerald, tourmaline, beryl, aquamarine or blue sapphire.

Choice of precious stone named

Choosing gemstone by the name of the future owner, please note that the stone, any man with the name Alexander or Eugene may not be for Alexander or Eugene. Female and male energy are too different, accordingly, you should choose stones with different properties.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the sensations that a particular gemstone makes the future owner. Choosing the decoration, the obligation to listen to yourself. If wearing a piece of jewelry with a precious stone, you feel uncomfortable, remove the jewelry and abandon the purchase.

Advice 6: How do I know which stone suits you

Each stone carries a certain energy. If it suits you - more begins to conduct in cases, are some of the disease. With my talisman you feel calm and confident. Choose your stone by using the help of astrologers, but it is important that the stone you like and "beckoned".
To find out which precious stone your, read the advice of astrologers and select the ones that correspond to your horoscope. Water zodiac (Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios) experts are advised to wear pearl, coral, aquamarine, amber, lapis lazuli and other stones, whose origin or name is associated with water. For example, the coral growing on the seabed, as the pearl is born in the shell of the mollusk, which lives in the ocean and in fresh water. Contraindicated for these signs of the zodiac gems in black – jade, black chalcedony, diamond Gerkmayer.
The zodiac signs of air (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius), it is recommended to wear stones that liberate emotions, reveal the talents – Jasper, onyx, quartz (rose quartz, opal, chrysoprase, rock crystal, etc.). Also these three characters fit blue stones: turquoise, which is considered a talisman of trade, and Topaz, giving cheerfulness and optimism. But the red stones, according to astrologers, less suited to Libra and Gemini, i.e., it is not recommended to wear garnet, red coral, ruby, etc.
For signs of earth element (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus) are more suitable disturbing feelings and forcing "to play" blood precious stones. These signs are perfect red gems, for example, ruby, a symbol of authority, or grenades, bestowing ardent feelings and passionate love. Virgos are best suited rich green emeralds - they make the wearer wise and proud. Astrologers believe that turquoise is not suitable for Capricorn, but the Taurus should refrain from wearing alexandrite.
The three signs of the fire element (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) shows the stones of warriors and winners – agate, onyx and even treacherous serpentine (serpentine). The people of these zodiac signs domineering, strive to conquer the peaks, and therefore the stones they should choose with the corresponding magical properties. So, for example, onyx is a talisman of the conquerors, and the black agate gives wisdom and success in Affairs. Sapphire - stone of wisdom, justice and victory - it is recommended to wear only archers.
Scientists involved in the occult, believe that every name has a corresponding stone amulet. So, according to them, all Nataly fit beryls, helps to maintain alertness, and Olga is more consistent with opal - a symbol of happiness. Tamara should wear fluorite, which activates thought processes, but Yulia will love the rubellite is a stone of kindness and chastity.
There are correspondences between the lunar day of birth and an stone clear which gem is suitable for people who patronize Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. after reviewing all these recommendations, you can discover what is your zodiac sign fits you one stone and the name is completely different. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose the stone that you liked, liked. Hold different gems in my hands and listen to the inner voice, if you find the stone that will soothe and give a sense of happiness, so - this is your talisman stone.
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