Rare doctor hears from patients complaints of screaming in his sleep. Of course, many people and the problem is not considered. Meanwhile, psychologists insist that no one fully healthy person would not cry out in your sleep. Experts say that the symptom indicates the existence of a problem.

What to do with shouting during sleep

The main cause of night cries is a negative emotion that day was filled with humans, but was not expressed. Psychologists believe that emotions can not be locked inside, even negative, as it is fraught with the deterioration of health and even disease. You need to learn to release all your feelings or to convert, transfer them in any case not causing harm to others.

Negative emotion, triggering a night screaming, you need to remove. If the object of the negativity people talk to him. Tell us what you think. After sincere conversation, you will feel better. If a negative emotion arose against the backdrop of an unpleasant situation, you accept it. Remember that every problem has a solution in every problem we can find a solution.

Use the technique of "letter to offender" to get rid of the night screaming. Paper, as you know, everything suffers. So splash out on it all. Allow yourself to talk it out consciously, in the waking state. Releasing par, the body will cease to rebel in the night.

Anti night cries

It is important to understand that the cries in the night is a visual overstimulation of the nervous system. You need to look for the reason why it happened. Perhaps the extra was a horror movie at night, or there was too much drinking coffee. Computer games, problems with personal life, the death of a loved one, trouble at work – all of which can cause night screaming. By eliminating the cause, you will get rid of the problem.

To help the body to calm down can drugs. Drugs such as "Novo-Passit", "Afobazol" and "Motherwort" well stabilize the mood, establish a dream. Do not forget about homeopathy and soothing herbs.

In General, of course, to get rid of night screams will succeed only if the body is to give to throw out the accumulated negative. Someone helps music, others sports, the third good conversation. Good effect have yoga classes, swimming pool, counseling. Just choose you. No matter how you free yourself from negative emotions. The important thing is that you do this, and will not suffer from night cries.