People frightened in the case when the event that caused the fear that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Our brain does not have time to adequately assess the situation. As a result, triggered a fuse in a fright. The degree of fearfulness of man depends on the fortress of his nerves and resistance to external stimuli.
To overcome fear, you must learn to maintain composure in all situations. For this you can use NLP trainings. Peace of mind - also the guarantee of self-control. To achieve peace of mind through meditation and autogenic relaxation.
Start to practice with a friend. The simplest exercise is to clap their hands. Partner shall at its discretion sharply and unexpectedly clap in front of your face. Train your self-control and not give in to fear. As soon as you start to get it, you can use two partners.
Exercise requires self-control. Walking on his hands, performing acrobatic tricks, push-UPS, chin-UPS. All of these exercises will contribute to the development of self-control.
A very good way to get rid of fear can provide a horror movie. You need to choose those films in which moments are sudden and unexpected. For greater effect, watching movies with headphones. If you learn not to react to them, you overcame your fear.