Advice 1: How to get rid of fear

For each event of the outside world, we react differently. Joy, surprise, fear, disappointment – emotions that show our attitude towards the external stimulus. Fear is also the response the human body's response to a particular event. To get rid of fear is much easier than to overcome a fear. So after a bit of advice you can easily overcome it.
How to get rid of fear
People frightened in the case when the event that caused the fear that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Our brain does not have time to adequately assess the situation. As a result, triggered a fuse in a fright. The degree of fearfulness of man depends on the fortress of his nerves and resistance to external stimuli.
To overcome fear, you must learn to maintain composure in all situations. For this you can use NLP trainings. Peace of mind - also the guarantee of self-control. To achieve peace of mind through meditation and autogenic relaxation.
Start to practice with a friend. The simplest exercise is to clap their hands. Partner shall at its discretion sharply and unexpectedly clap in front of your face. Train your self-control and not give in to fear. As soon as you start to get it, you can use two partners.
Exercise requires self-control. Walking on his hands, performing acrobatic tricks, push-UPS, chin-UPS. All of these exercises will contribute to the development of self-control.
A very good way to get rid of fear can provide a horror movie. You need to choose those films in which moments are sudden and unexpected. For greater effect, watching movies with headphones. If you learn not to react to them, you overcame your fear.

Advice 2 : How to remove fright from a baby

Unfortunately, children's fears – one of the most common phenomena of modern society. Scare defenseless child easier: for example, the baby can get scared of sudden sounds, appearance of a person, etc., Often children are scared of certain natural phenomena, natural disasters. All anything, Yes only the strong children's fear sometimes leads to the development of serious disruptions in the nervous system of the child, provoking certain diseases (e.g., stuttering and enuresis).
To remove fear, the infant in different ways

The removal of fear from a baby. People's ways

A frightened baby need to take on hand, hugged her and Pat on the back. Not be amiss to sing to the child some kind of a quiet song or just gently talk to him. Of course, the baby will not understand the spoken language of an adult, however, will feel care and attention. The child will be able to understand and realize is secure, that mom and dad are with him. A relaxed emotional state of the parents soon will be transferred to their child - the child will gradually calm down.

In addition, it is recommended to make the baby a warm soothing bath with sea salt, Valerian and motherwort. This must be done in order that the baby could relax before sleep. Recommended soldering frightened baby tea-based motherwort, and at night to give a few drops of Valerian: the moments of unreasonable anxiety and severe stress will gradually change to a healthy sleep. Over time, the fear, the infant should go on your own, however if not, you need to urgently see a doctor.

The removal of fear from a baby. The plot on the water

The removal of fear from a baby with the help of certain rituals has quite a lot of popularity and is practiced at the present time. For example, one of the rituals is tough to kill water. This requires fill the glass with cold spring water or the Church, and then to pronounce on it conspiracy: "Skinny Duma, honeydew away on the wind with the servant of God (baby's name), with his handles, with his legs, with his exuberant little head. To the wind go, Yes, forever with (baby's name) and never come back. Amen."

Reading conspiracy should be accompanied by the baptism of water in the glass. Tough to kill then the water is put in a warm place to room temperature. When the water reaches the desired condition, it will be possible to wipe the baby's body. In addition, it is recommended to give him to drink of this water. This rite can only be conducted if the child was already baptized. Otherwise, this conspiracy just doesn't work.

The removal of fear from a baby. Otlipanie wax

Otlipanie wax on the fear of the baby is one of the most famous rituals. The meeting is necessary to pour cool water into a glass and then melt some wax in a tablespoon. The ceremony is conducted in the following manner: a glass of water should be kept above the baby's head, slowly pouring in the cold water wax in the spoon. This action is accompanied by the reading of a conspiracy: "I Pee fright, I cleaned the turmoil relics and little bones of my child, gelecek it but with pagelock, restless heart, with blood red, but with little head wild (baby's name). Let it be so. Amen."

Attention, if you fear the baby has a specific reason and for no apparent reason, you should not eliminate it independently, relying on esoteric rites and rituals, and traditional treatments and visits to traditional healers. In this case, the output from the situation is only one – the hike to the pediatrician who will prescribe a referral to the appropriate specialist (e.g. neurologist).
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