Remove the product out, if you need to sew the Welt inner pocket, which has sold inseam. An example of such a situation can be front jeans pocket. Outwrite the fabric from which the sewn portion of the pocket is invisible to the eye. Lay the line on the sewing machine or sew the pocket manual seam "back needle", try to keep the stitches were small and even. Guide where to lay the seam will be traces from the original seam.
Pull the fabric from which made the details Welt pocket to the outside, if you can not remove the thing from lining sewn around the perimeter to the base material of the product. This situation can arise if the fabric from which made the pocket of a jacket or coat, "went" along the seam. Remove excess thread, fold the edges of the parts of the pocket so that the cut was still inside. Darn that hole with small stitches, picking up a few threads of fabric on the right, and then left. Secure the thread, tuck the pocket.
Replace the cloth if the material Welt pockets sprung a leak. I bet the old pocket. Remove the pattern with the parts, transfer it to the new fabric, cut out two mirrored copies. Sew along the contour, insert into the slot of the pocket so that all the seams were inside. Small hidden stitches to sew the pocket in place.
Tutuila thing in the spot where is a patch pocket to be stitched. If the pocket broke line, for example, in the back pocket of my jeans, grab the thread as close as possible in color to what was used when sewing. Lay the stitching in one thread by hand or on the sewing machine in the place where was located the original seam. Hide threads and knots on the reverse side of the product.