You will need
  • - new paste for the graphics card;
  • - tassels;
  • - the new cooler;
  • stand with built in cooling system.
Install special software that allows you to adjust the time and the inclusion of the cooling system. This method will be very effective if you periodically walk away from your laptop or don't use it. In this case, you must make settings in the system, allowing the computer to go into sleep mode as quickly as possible to save energy and to allocate the minimum amount of heat. For example, use the program Speed Fan, ATI tool or Riva Turner. With these tools you can not only turn on and off the cooler, but in real-time to monitor the temperature of the entire system.
Replace the paste in the cooling system. The paste is a substance that absorbs heat from the heat-generating element of a portable computer and transfers it to the cooling system. Over time, the paste begins to lose its properties. Heat is transferred to the worse, so the laptop starts to overheat.
Examine the repair manual for your model laptop. Also visit the forum of owners for your brand. There you can find instructions for replacing pasta.
Unscrew the bolts securing the body part, which closes the access to the processor. Find clips of processor and expand them. Then carefully remove the processor from the connector. Remove the old paste. To do this, use the special plastic spatula. Carefully remove the remains with a cloth soaked in alcohol or Cologne.
Apply a new layer of fresh pasta. Spread it evenly across the surface. Watch carefully to avoid voids or irregularities. Otherwise, the heat transfer is very bad. Assemble everything in reverse order.
With intensive use the coolers of the laptop is clogged with dust and other dirt. Due to poor air circulation cooling occurs more slowly, which causes overheating. So the coolers must be constantly cleaned. Produce a partial dismantling of the laptopto access the fans.
Disconnect the wire from the cooler and remove the bolts holding the fan casing. Remove the cooler and carefully clean it with a brush. Lubricate moving parts with fresh engine oil. Install the fan in reverse order.
Use a special stand with built-in fans. It is convenient in the case if you constantly use the laptop in one place. This stand connects to the computer using the usb cable. It is advisable to use it with a laptop connected to the power supply, so it greatly reduces the computer power from the battery.