Why is basking laptop

Any working electronic equipment is heated. The electrons running around conductors and semiconductors. In this eternal race is heating elements of the devices. Sometimes you need it - in the kettle or the iron. Sometimes it doesn't. The higher the temperature, the more intense running. In turn, electrons are worn the faster, the more loaded the CPU of a laptop and its video card. The more interesting the game is, the more heated the laptop.
Over time the laptop begins to warm up, often hang off spontaneously. Overheating can cause combustion of the North and South bridges. One of the most common laptop failures, failure of the graphics card.


With fever need to fight. All of the people! Only here aspirin's no good here. Requires forced cooling. And if in a regular computer to do this is relatively simple, the ventilation in a laptop is a complicated engineering task.

Power modern laptop is no different from desktop computers. Heat there is less, but the compact design makes the decision. The density of the arrangement of chips is very large. The free space inside the laptop is virtually nonexistent. Indeed, in this little box except for the motherboard with CPU and RAM still need to install the hard drive and the DVD drive.

The laptop cooling system consists of ventilation holes in the housing, a small fan and a copper radiator, the snake bends around the CPU and chip graphics card. Radiator selects the emitted warmth and gives it to the fan that blows hot air through the holes in the body of the laptop.

The ventilation holes have a relatively small size and quickly clogged with dust. In the laptop there is no possibility to install a powerful fan. If the processor or video card is heavily loaded, the cooling becomes ineffective.
Self-cleaning can cause damage, especially if you have not previously had experience of such work. It is recommended to ask for service to experts.

It is better to prevent

Prevention notebook — the best remedy for overheating. Regular cleaning of accumulated dust inside may not be a panacea, but without a doubt, a strong tool to combat overheating.

Being careful not to overlap the access of fresh air to the ventilation holes at the bottom of the laptop. Nice, of course, communicate in social networks, lazing in bed. But do not forget that the blanket is securely wraps the bottom of the laptop. A little work in such conditions, and the device begins to heat up.

There are cooling pads for a laptop. If you have a very powerful computer stand will help to prolong its lifespan.