The duration of the sacrament of the wedding depends on various factors. For example, if a priest will say the extensive sermon, then, of course, the wedding ceremony will increase. Of particular importance is the singing of the choir. If, during the marriage celebration in the Church service involves a large professional choir, the hymns can be executed restaino, slightly increasing the duration of the wedding.

Usually the average duration of the Church ceremony is only an hour. During this time, you can manage to listen to the sermon of the priest, and the solemn chanting of the choir. However, sometimes the mystery can last a little longer. But it will take additional 15 minutes. At this time may log the tradition of detour of the temple the bride and groom on the car or photo.

The sacrament of marriage is quite real to serve for forty minutes. Even when singing of the choir, such cases are when the main chants are sung "pocoro". When the choir is not participating in the wedding, the sacrament can be made even faster.

All organizational issues can and should discuss in advance the newlyweds. If limited time, the wedding should not delay in order to catch the other wedding events. But when time allows, it is quite possible to implement the present the solemn service which will last no more than 1.5 hours.