Features of the car Renault Logan with automatic transmission

One look at the Renault Logan with automatic transmission is enough to make you bored. Its design is a combination of work and a miserable ease. But when you get inside and start, you start more and more surprised by his abilities. There is a nice acceleration to 100 km/h, which is almost 2 seconds slower mechanics and at least nice to know that the car engine is in a bold 16 valves.

Women like a mode kick-down, which allows you to instantly include a lower gear and hold it for quite a long time. In this case, the car goes from acceptable in traffic speed, though a bit noisy. Pen box machine attracts motorists a pleasant texture of the material.

Of course, the main advantage of Renault Logan with automatic gearbox is that it is easy and convenient to apply. The machine is quite powerful and this can be seen not only on the track but in the city. The engine runs quietly, economize the oil, and the tank is refilled familiar 92-m gasoline.

Reviews from owners of Renault Logan with automatic transmission

Basically you can find only positive feedback from motorists about the Renault Logan. The machine is equipped with manual control mode, but hardly ever use it. Automatic transmission runs very smoothly. The speed modes are switched very fast. In the car Renault Logan with automatic transmission, the driver feels comfortable and confident while driving in the city.

In winter convenient to use travel mode in second gear. This can be done by pressing a special button. This is especially necessary in cold or ice. Owners of cars Renault Logan is a pleasure to adjust the side mirrors, height and heated seats, because it can all be done automatically without any special effort.

The main advantages of the Renault Logan with automatic gearbox, according to motorists:

1. Bumps in the road felt barely noticeable. The reason for good suspension of the vehicle.
2. Spacious interior in which you feel comfortable and relaxed.
3. An elaborate modification of the Windows gives a broad overview.
4. In the car when driving, you can talk even in a whisper.
5. Good patency of the vehicle due to the height of the clearance. A great advantage required to travel on Russian roads.

According to the owners of Renault Logan with automatic transmission, the main advantage of the car is expressed in the combination of price and quality. For a relatively inexpensive price you get a nice cabin, easy handling, comfort, safety and confidence in the future.