However, as shown by our own experience, direct advertising of goods is quite a difficult way of earning.

Requirements for promoters

Ad "a promoter" quite a lot, in good company, promoters arranged through a friend.

Interview. In long queues at the promoter - mostly College-age girls. The selection is strict. Conditions: pleasant appearance, friendliness, sociability, competent speech, activity, and a great memory. The selection was more like welcome to drama school, not the classical procedure of the interview. After the standard filling out the questionnaire starts something similar to the casting: you need to show the ability to attract an audience, to demonstrate the technique of conversation, to hold a conversation with an imaginary client.

It is believed that the best age for a promoter aged 18 to 23 years will take and an older man, with experience.

The appearance of the promoter can be selected in accordance with the advertising image of the product. For advertising tasty buns prefer lush girls. Tasting of beer or wine is sturdy, strong and older guys. For cigarette advertising requirements have been tightened: the representatives of cigarettes "Peter I" as masculine brands, employ a strong, is low, but the open boys or girls. And, for example, to Vogue, thin women's cigarettes, you will need a chiseled figure, dazzling smile and height 180 cm When working with hygiene products, food additives or household chemicals enough natural charm and tidy appearance.

Those, who passed selection, the contract is concluded. Form of cooperation may be different from participation in single action with an hourly wage to a permanent job for several months or years with monthly salaries.

The features of the profession promoter

Come to the "point" promoter is obliged for 20-40 minutes before work to get ready. Score promotions is obvious: sales of the advertised increase in five and sometimes up to 25 times. At the end of this incomplete working day tired legs to move and even sitting is strictly prohibited), or gets lost voice. The promoter works 3-4 days a week, often on weekends, 4-6 hours a day. Paid hourly, there is a system of awards for high sales. Provided a system of fines: a 5-minute delay, inactive behavior, distortion of the text, the kind of sloppy, the salary is reduced to two or three times. Dual control of the Agency and the customer does not relax.

Promoters to work gaining as advertising agencies and firms whose goods need to unwind. The benefits of hiring through an advertising Agency that each share is unique. You never know what will be next. Today, become a representative sausage of the enterprise, and the next day offered a new washing powder. The Agency, usually the salary is not clearly defined: it all depends on the desires of the customer, applying to the Agency. But the higher payment per hour, the harder the promoter works. Hiring practices directly to the firm, the salaries will be more stable, and features of the advertised products after a few weeks of well-absorbed.

The action lasts one to three months, then the promoter "throws" to another product. So changing form and lyrics, and schedule. Usually you have to stand in the second shift - from 15 to 19. Before lunch - study, and the evening is free. Very convenient for students.
Opportunity for professional growth for future lawyers or chemists listed here, but you can learn other things. For example, to communicate with people, to develop oratorical skills and to learn the basics of advertising and marketing.

Before beginning any promotion held a special training: memorized the text discusses the options of appeal to the buyer, development of the customer conversation. During the training ask the most unexpected questions stupid tricky. Stray - you can immediately dismiss.

Uniform of the promoter and the venue of the action

Per share to the promoter is given a special shape - skirt (sometimes pants), tank top or t-shirt in summer a jacket and hat in the winter, and sometimes a backpack or bag. Beautiful and brightly dressed man in any crowd immediately catches the eye. There are and innovative ideas. Promoters discharges in fun headdresses and skirts, or pull the short shorts. At the presentation of one company, two guys in bright blue jumpsuits walked around the room with toy trucks on the ropes. And on one recent promo girls dressed in swimsuits and on the head they wore Bunny ears - is Ferrari.

However, there are pads, for example, in one trading house on the promotion of women's pads "Always" worked the promoter-boy! The theme, of course, troubled him, he always blushed and stuttered. A passing grandmother was outraged and dissatisfied with the kind of immorality...

The shares are held in the most crowded places of the city – supermarkets, shopping centers, on main streets and in popular places - cafes, bars, clubs. People are already accustomed to and not shy promoters, on the contrary, to the extent of his fantasy take part in the "game" called "buy-sell".

And you met in some store tasting or presentation, do you want to come and participate?