How it all began

Amway entered the world market in 1959, two friends from Michigan, rich DeVos and Jay van Andel, who dreams to protect their loved ones and to improve their lives, has released a multi-function tool "L. O. C", which was successfully used for washing, cleaning various surfaces, and even for the care of skin and hair. Over the years, the company's assortment expanded, and today its range includes hundreds of items, including vitamins, dietary supplements, perfume, cosmetics, care products for oral hygiene, detergents and cleaning products, kitchenware. Is a program for weight correction, which includes soups, jellies, etc.
On the creation and enhancement Amway products in 65 research laboratories around the world work more than 7,000 scientists, engineers and technicians.

The Amway products are known throughout the world, it has a proven quality. The company owns over a thousand patents of its own, more than 900 patents currently pending.

In addition to high quality products, Amway offers its customers the opportunity to purchase a range of discounted to establish their own profitable business.

To start a business with Amway just

You can be not only a consumer of Amway products, but it can help to earn good money. It needs only to become an independent partner of the company, signed the corresponding contract of the established sample, and perform the basic conditions of the marketing plan. The business can build on personal (direct) sales profit from sales and building its structure. The structure and brings the partner company's main income, since accumulated all the participants scores are reflected on the bonus of its organizers.
Amway to support provides its customers with multiple channels of placing and receiving orders, due to the developed distribution network of shopping centers.

However, the company provides independent partner three options earnings, each of which selects the most appropriate. So income can be obtained from the sales of products to customers, in this case your profit will be 30 percent of the price of a consultant. Thus, the products sold in the amount of 1,000 rubles is 300 rubles of profit. Another option earnings in Amway – reward for personal achievement. Depending on made personal volume and the volume of the structure, the partner is to receive a monthly fee from 3 percent to 21 percent, depending on turnover. The first way of earning is also the place to be.

Another kind of earnings are monthly and annual cash bonuses and incentives that are provided for leadership and building groups, as well as for sales your referred clients. Gradually for the work the partner is assigned a certain qualification title: first gold producer, then platinum NPA – founder of the business, the following rank - emerald PPA – founder of the business, the highest category diamond Amway business owners founder of the business.

For a successful business amway immediately after the registration of the PPA provides materials for work and regularly organizes training meetings, seminars, workshops.