That in most cases the initial capital is spent? For rent office or retail space, staff salaries, purchase of goods and equipment and for advertising. If you do not have the initial capital or sponsor willing to invest in your business money, from all the above, at the initial stage should be abandoned.
Start a business working at home. If you need to meet with clients, you can come to them or arrange a meeting in a cafe. If you have the ability to completely abandon the use of employees and do everything yourself, refuse. If this is possible yet, hire staff on a part-time, part-time or flexible hours. Will you be paying upon completion of work.
The best option to start a business without initial capital - the provision of services. Since in this case does not require the funds for the purchase, transportation and storage of goods. If you would like to trade, try to start to buy goods in small wholesale.
Use the least costly ways to attract customers (it is free). Consider ways to find and attract customers (advertising, PR, direct offer personal recommendations, etc.). Select from these methods one or more that is least expensive.
One of the most common ideas of business without an initial capital consulting. For advice money is generally not required (with the exception of advertising costs, but you can do placing free ads about your services on the Internet). You sell your knowledge and experience. The difficulty lies only in the fact to be able to convince potential customers. Their search much simpler if you already have links in the area in which you would like to provide consultation services.
You can also provide educational services by opening training courses for singing, rhetoric, massage, drawing. The mass of options. You need to find one or more experienced teachers, a room to rent for a couple of nights a week and customers are in this business to find much easier than in consulting. Or, if you have the appropriate knowledge and experience can tutor on an individual basis.
Another option is logistics. Offer delivery of goods of the product in the right direction. To provide this service, you will need no capital, and communication skills, ability to conduct business negotiations and to negotiate with various transport companies. A good income can bring an online store, if you sell well-chosen and in demand commodity. The costs of opening an online store is not particularly large, you may want to meet in $100.
The Internet is a great launch pad for starting a business. You can create your own website and earn money on it. However, you can only pay for the Internet usage. But in this case you will have to seriously work on the site and spend all my free time. You create a site, upload it to free hosting, hyping, determine the type of earnings on the Internet. For example, you can place useful information and advertising.
Also you can provide services as a freelancer. The most essential services - translation, web-design, copywriting, programming, etc. If you have another specialization, you can go and learn anything. If there is no money for training, you need to count on what you know or can learn for free. On the Internet there is a wide range of opportunities for independent learning, it is possible to read and download entire courses in video or text format.
A business without initial capital can be a great start in the business. Without risking a lot of money, you get the experience of independent business organization and skills of its management. With the right approach, your business will generate good income and it depends only on you.