Who is this mystery buyer? It is a regular salaried employee, whose responsibilities included verifying quality of service in shops, cafes, cinemas, dry cleaners, gas stations, and even sex shops. Mystery shopper evaluates the work of employees they inspected the outlets on a number of parameters; the purpose of such inspections is to identify possible shortcomings in the organization of work of the institution. Thus, working as a secret shopper, you can go shopping, ask salespeople questions about any of these personally product and in addition to everything to get money for it. How to apply for such a job?

What you need to become a mystery shopper?

Mystery shopper jobs can hardly be the main source of income, but it allows well to earn money simply by visiting those who decided to inspect. A potential mystery shopper must possess such qualities as sociability, easy-going and responsible. His sincere interest in contributing to improving the quality of client service. These qualities will allow him not only to objectively assess the level of service, but it is possible to give a number of recommendations, compliance with which will make the interaction of staff and customers more productive.

In some cases, the future a mystery shopper should possess such technical devices as the tape recorder or video camera. In principle, this is suitable for any modern cell phone, which has the following functions. What settings should I make and how to make high-quality audio - or video – this checker will instruct the employer's representative.

Who runs a secret shopper and how they can become?

In the Internet you can find information about jobs mystery shopper in your locality. Of course, in Metropolitan areas the demand for such employees is higher than in small towns. On the website of companies that hire mystery shoppers, or at its page on the social network you can complete the application for registration. In the future, applications will be reviewed by the HR Department who will contact you if your candidature is approved.

The other option is to closely study the "Work" of any publication with ads – agencies and staffing, including hiring, and mystery shoppers. Perhaps you should give an ad looking for work marked "free schedule" - there is an option that in this case the HR managers themselves will be in touch with you. You'll meet them in the office, pass the interview and able to start a career mystery shopper.

The representatives of the employer will provide you with all necessary information to ensure that you could have your first test. How well it will work for you, and will depend on your further cooperation with this company.

Periodically for mystery shoppers provide free training in which people get knowledge, allowing them to work more closely.