According to Norwegian law, the permanent residence permit may be issued to an alien in the following cases:
- when reunification with the family (parents-Norwegians or marriage with a citizen of Norway);
- cultural exchange, including study;
- obtaining work permits and invitation from employer;
- granting of political asylum.Since the presence of parents Norwegians and political asylum – the options are quite rare and difficult to most people have to look for other options for the move.
The easiest and most convenient way to obtain a residence permit in Norway is student learning. It is necessary to do on day branch of any recognized government University, Institute, College, school, arts school or high school public education. It should be able to Finance their studies throughout the term and have housing for the period of study. In this case, after graduation can petition for the right to work.
To obtain a residence permit as an employee much more difficult. Either you need to have an invitation from a specific employer willing to hire you and pay enough for living wages, or to prove your worth as a specialist, or an employee who performs particularly difficult or heavy work. To the layman the most suitable options for seasonal agricultural work or dirty and heavy work that native Norwegians do not want.
To move to Norway for permanent residence as a result of marriage with Norwegian, you must have a marriage partner, are ready to send the invitation and provide documentation of their agreement to marry with a certain amount of annual income. For the conclusion of fictitious marriage in addition to a potential partner will also need a respectable amount of money in the amount of approximately 10-15 thousand dollars. In addition, the immigration service will require evidence of the reality of relationships.
It is important to note that in order to avoid problems with immigration services, work permit and accommodation should be obtained before entering Norway. To stay in the country without these important documents more than three months can only be political refugees for the processing of their application. To submit a petition for granting a residence permit at the Norwegian Embassy, should be at least two months before the planned departure, as it will be discussed first at the Embassy and then transferred to the Department of state migration service.