Analogues Of "Zovirax"

The active ingredient of this drug is acyclovir. "Zovirax" there are a lot of analogues with exactly the same composition. Therefore, the principle of their action is one and the same. However, if you choose replacement, it should be borne in mind that the copy is always different from the original.

There is a perception that herpes can never be treated - he himself is. This is incorrect. If you do not take measures, next to an old lesions can appear new inflammation, and the disease will get worse.

"Zovirax" is the original drug, a brand. And all of its counterparts – copy generics. They differ in the degree of purification of raw chemical raw materials, bioavailability, according to the number of indications, contra-indications, adverse effects, and – ultimately – effectiveness. And therefore cheaper.

For example, with herpes on the lips good cheap "Acyclovir". But genital or shingles it heals not as effective. Doctors usually prescribe "Zovirax" simultaneously with "Ameksin" or "Levomekol", then the result is more effective.

"Acyclovir" and its producers

This analogue of "Zovirax" today, produced by many pharmaceutical firms, both foreign and domestic. So the price range is just amazing.

For example, if you need a cream (or ointment), "Acyclovir", the products of the Russian company "tatchempharmpreparaty" will cost about 20-30 rubles. The same 5% cream in the tube pathammavong production company Croatian BELUPO is already 3 times more expensive, and the product of the German company HEXAL – in 6-7 times.

It is important to start treating herpes as soon as the first signs. If the time is missed and the disease is already in full swing, the fast will not help any creams and pills.

Same story with "Aciclovir" tablets. The cheapest of the domestic production of khimpharmkombinat Akrikhin. Package of 20 tablets of 200 mg of active ingredient costs about 50 rubles, and pain pills - many times more expensive.

Many patients notice that our "Acyclovir" eliminates herpes even faster than "Zovirax". This is not surprising. In creams "Zovirax" and "Acyclovir" – the same amount of active ingredient: 50 mg. But if in one pill "Zovirax" its contents – 200 mg, tablet domestic "Acyclovir" and are available in 200 mg and 400 mg.

Other inexpensive generic "Zovirax"

"Aciclostad" (Germany), the cream and the pills. The drug has a high bioavailability, rapidly reaches maximum concentration in the blood and immediately begins has a therapeutic effect.

Herpes on the lips of many is usually limited to the use of the cream. Doctors recommend simultaneously to taking the pills. Then the treatment effect increases and decreases the probability of relapse.

"Vivorx" (India), cream and pills. Also have a high bioavailability, but accumulate more slowly than other counterparts. "Aciherpin" – another cheap Indian cream. In contrast to the "Sivaraksa" it is more effectively attacks the herpes virus. However, Indian pharmaceutical products have become famous very low quality of cleaning of raw materials and frequent cases of issue of fakes.

"Cyclovir" (Russia), cream and pills. They quickly reach maximum concentration in the blood. But their bioavailability is quite low.

"Herberex" (Russia), cream. Very low cost, but low bioavailability of the drug. Slower than other domestic cream, reaches its maximum concentration in the blood.

"Root" (Russia), cream. The price is low, but bioavailability is high. However, as "Herberex" cream for a long time gaining the necessary therapeutic concentration in the body, because of this, the treatment is delayed.