The jacket in Chanel style: classic combinations

For the first time, Coco Chanel introduced the legendary jacket in 1936. At that time he was not so laconic and had a huge fur collar. Modern shape the thing took off only after the global crisis. Jacket has become a true symbol of simplicity and elegance, concluded in the modest contrast trim and gold buttons with the logo of the Fashion house. This thing wanted to buy almost all fashionista.
The classic jacket in the Chanel style originates in men's fashion. Coco Chanel was distinguished by rebellion, tried to make women more spectacular and brutal. Today, the jacket and the black dress – a constant indicators of good taste.

A traditional jacket in the Chanel style is individuality. He has the length to waist and round neckline without a hint of collar. The sleeves usually¾. In the lower part of the model has small pockets, contour – contrast trim of ribbon or thread. A mandatory element of the jacket – buttons (preferably Golden brown). The fabric from which made the model of Jersey or wool. And know how to knit girls create beautiful jackets available in magazines and online patterns.

This jacket will be the perfect company for classic trousers or pencil skirt, replacing the old jacket. Be sure to add the image of a modest pumps on a small heel, a top and leather bag-folder. Please note: the jacket in the Chanel style is not customary to wear shirts.

The second is the traditional combination jacket plus sheath dress/sundress straight cut. Under the second element Ballon or put on a knitted sweater. This image suitable for negotiations, business meetings or a trip jacket and hardly wrinkled.

Modern images of popular jacket

Today when the fashion is very plastic, jacket in Chanel style, you can safely combine existing things to create a stylish and casual bow. For example, you will look elegant and simple, if you wear unchanged classics with jeans. It is desirable that the model of denim trousers had straight legs or a body-con fit.

A great pair of jacket will be slim, cropped pants. Classic slip solid top. Also suitable t-shirts with simple decoration: lace for the neckline or elegant embroidery. Shoes click concise, for example, simple womens loafers. This set can be worn almost everywhere from trendy cafes to University.
The jacket in the Chanel style best to combine with clothes of neutral, classic colors. The brightness of the image give with the help of accessories: bracelets, brooches, scarf.

For summer combine the jacket with shorts. Put down the top in a nautical style (transverse/longitudinal strips). The shorts can be denim, tweed, cotton, etc. pay Special attention to the length: do not wear a jacket with mini options.

Wonderful image will, if the jacket is to wear a skirt. Prefer uncluttered model of a straight cut to the knee. If you are missing color, complete the ensemble with a brooch-flower, the wide bracelet or bright shoes/handbag.