Kissing or rubbing noses?

Currently, people kiss because they were taught to do it, have repeatedly shown how to do it. However, this occurs similarly only in European civilization (which "captured" the whole world), in less westernized places, instead of kissing, people RUB noses or smelling the neck of each other. However, the logic of these actions is the same as in the situation with kisses.
To learn how to kiss can be on the salty tomatoes or Mandarin slices. In the learning process, however, it would be nice to imagine a dear person.

First of all, a kiss is an act of trust. Because the human face is the most protected part of the body. In dangerous or unpleasant situations we are closing face with his hands, this attitude is completely understandable, it is important for life organs. Therefore, if a person puts another person in the face area (and during a romantic kiss closes his eyes, becoming defenseless), this shows the high degree of confidence. Putting his cheek to be kissed, metaphorically one person says to another "I open to you, I believe that you're not hit." That's why formal "secular" kisses look quite strange, because very often the participants did not cherish each other warm feelings.

What man tongue and lips?

The value of the tongue and lips as erogenous zones just can't be exaggerated. During good and proper stimulation of the lips or tongue in the man Wake up the sexual instincts. Every kiss brings the bodies of the partners, allowing the hands to stroke and hug them.
Apparently, kissing for many thousands of years ago was simple: by sniffing. Because human odor is perceived by the brain as genetic and biochemical passport. Of course, consciously people appreciate the smell only by the like-dislike. But subconsciously have time to "consider" and "recognize" all the important information. Some scientists believe that women subconsciously choose men by smell, as it provides them with the most information.
The most attractive and sexually active people consider kissing a very important part of any, even short-term relationship.

Rather, the sniffing came first, then it turned into some of the types of kisses. No matter whether rubbed our ancestors noses or cheeks or were doing each other's hair, the main thing that the result was a tradition to Express their good feelings and intentions just such a pleasant way.