In Windows Vista or Seven click "start" and then click "Connect". In the window that appears, select "Setup network connection". For Windows XP this item is in the menu "start" - "setting" - "Network connections".
In the window "Choose a connection option" select "Connect to Internet", then click "Next". Next, click on "Broadband (PPPoE)".
Specify the user name that is specified in the details of your account. Check the "Remember password" in the connection name box enter any name. For Example, "Bashinformsvyaz". Then press "Connect" and wait for the check the connections and settings.
To configure the Internetand from the ISP in Linux, go to NetworkManager, while in GUI system. The icon for this program displayed at the top right of the desktop.
In the window that appears click on the tab "DSL" and then press "Add" on the right side of the screen. In the "connection Name" enter any name. If you want the connection was carried out immediately after login, then check the box next to "Connect automatically".
In the tab "DSL" enter the user name and password. The "Service" can be left blank. Click the mouse button on the tab "IPv4 Settings" located in the right part of the settings window. In the drop down menu "Method" select "Automatic (PPPoE)". Check out all these details and click "Apply".
Close all open Windows and click the right button on the icon Network Manager. In the drop-down list, select the name of your created connection and wait for connection. If all goes well, then in the upper right part of the window you will see a corresponding notification.