It might be related to depression during pregnancy?

Quite often it occurs in those women who before pregnancy had an active lifestyle were the energizers. In this case, it is very difficult to temper his enthusiasm and make the pace of life more relaxed. But it is necessary, because under the heart, now you have a little man who just will not be happy if mommy decides to work 12 hours a day, skydiving or mountain skiing.

During pregnancy, you have to forget about your extreme hobby, it can be quite difficult. The result is the woman becomes just bored, tired of the monotony, sitting idle. Hence the bad mood turns into depression.

Hormonal changes also play against you. Not only that, women themselves – quite emotional (much more emotional men), and during pregnancy, the emotions and the sensitivity increases significantly. And it is very difficult to fight.

Every pregnant woman (and her husband) are familiar with mood swings, when half an hour ago she was laughing, and now dropping tears for no reason. Do not try to find the cause, it's impossible. The woman, and she can't explain why this is so.

Depression during pregnancy can start from the fact that a woman feels lonely. For example, the husband constantly at work, and she's just bored, nothing to do, I want someone to hug and hold close. Pregnant women need to pay more attention to take care of them, to cherish. In order to deal then with such a serious problem as depression during pregnancy.

So, dear men, tune in to what the next 9 months you will have hard times. But you're men?! You can and know how to make his beloved happy. Today – flowers of tomorrow – the surprise, the day after tomorrow – new purchase for her. Make your woman very soon she will please you much more!

How to avoid depression during pregnancy?

Lovely woman, the most important thing – follow your emotions! Don't allow extremes. If you feel that you are beginning to fall into depression, take action – meet up with girlfriend, go with her husband in the cinema, café, karaoke, Park), go shopping, treat yourself to something special. Do whatever you want, but your mood should not be bad. You know, a great lesson – go to the shop. Buy something for your baby. This is such an exciting activity, besides helps to distract from the sad thoughts.

You are the future mother. Think not about himself but about the child. Your baby feels everything that happens to you. You do not want your bad mood has passed him? Because you sincerely wish your baby only the best! So don't upset him. Relax, have fun, enjoy your life. You have no reason to be sad! You are the future mother. And this is a great reason to smile 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

I heartily wish your pregnancy was positive! Let every new day be better than the previous one. Now you are the most beautiful, the most happy, remember that. I hope that you never learned from your experiences, what is depression during pregnancy. Enjoy pregnancy, it's the most wonderful time.