Man and woman are married, become one. And if it was the sacrament of marriage, it is possible to speak about a specific location, and unity not only in a figurative spiritual sense, but unity in the Christian interpretation. Christian family United in the measure of their thoughts and views on the way of being, relationships with each other and with a single Performer Church marriage – God. It is very important to consider the unity and sexual point of view. In this sense, the Orthodox people should not be different from all the others. Moral frameworks and norms common to all mankind. Conjugal duty is a family obligation of each party, so it is impossible to consider sex as something sinful and unclean. This is a manifestation of love between two people.

Therefore the question of permission to engage in sexual contact during the post does not have a specific ground for objection. Orthodox Christians can love each other during fast days or long posts. The Apostle Paul clearly says in one of his letters, that the wife withdrew from her husband and Vice versa. However, further leads to the important observation that abstinence from sex should be for the sake of fasting and prayer, but only by mutual consent.

So, if the couple unanimously decided to refrain from sexual intimacy for some time because of the desire to fast, then it is good. But the unwillingness of one spouse to refrain from intimacy, the second partner has no right to refuse, based solely on the prohibition of sex a day of fasting.

But there are days when to have sex during fasting is undesirable or even prohibited. It's good Friday and the whole Holy week may be considered in this context. A special time in which the Church forbids to enter into an intimate relationship, the days of preparation for the sacrament of Holy communion. This time a special retreat, so there must be abstinence from sexual intercourse. But the rest of the time clear guidance on this point, and therefore Orthodox spouses are entitled to decide how to arrange their sexual life.