The ban on various activities in the Church holidays often carry more superstitious fear than a real threat. However, he is so strong that many people prefer to listen to the myths and rumors and give up all in those days. In fact, the Church advises to do manual labor during the holidays solely in order to be able to spend the day with family, socialize, etc.

What is not recommended to do in the Church holidays

A large part of such recommendations was based on observations of inhabitants and the number of matches. For example, a common prohibition is the prohibition of sewing and mending for Christmas. But this belief from the same, why not sew pregnant. It is connected with the fact that the child allegedly wrapped a cord. Scientific evidential base for this statement is not responsible.

It is also not recommended on Church holidays to go on nature and especially hunting. After all, it is a great sin to kill an animal in the day when everyone is happy, or the birth of a new life, or resurrection from the dead, etc.

Banned in the Church holidays there are various crossings. Generally, it is considered the best option to stay at home, as no visits or scheduled visits successfully over.
Supporters of the prohibitions of this kind is one piece of advice – stay home and pray: for health, for success, etc.

One of the hallmarks of Easter says that women in the first day of lent it is impossible to go from house to house, because it carries with it unhappiness and disease.

But on the Annunciation ladies do not do hair. Especially those that involve braiding the hair. Often proponents of such allegations refer to the Holy Scriptures, in which are these words: "Martha, Martha, don't do it."
It is recommended to refuse this day by a visit from the hairdresser. Also, do not schedule a bikini wax.

On the day of St. Elijah is prohibited to swim, because according to statistics, during this holiday occurs the maximum number of accidents on the water.

September 11, the day marking the beheading of St. John, do not use sharp objects. For example, the round bread is generally better to break off.

What you should consider

The official position of the Church is that all of the above is nothing like the myths based on human superstitions. Despite the fact that they are already very many years, and they appeared in a period when mankind was not as enlightened as it is now, they are still quite tenacious and strong in the consciousness of modern society.

In fact, in the Church holidays, you can wash, brush, light cleaning the house etc. And complete the work better still to give up, because really, is a festive day to spend with the family.