In the Scriptures there are wonderful words of the Apostle Paul that man is allowed everything, but not everything is beneficial. On Holy continues the thought, saying that a Christian should not have any passion. It is this view of things can be applied on everything, including alcohol.

The Bible says that wine can cheer the human heart. And the Apostle of the Gentiles, as some Holy fathers refer to as Paul, in the Epistle to Timothy gives the decree about the use of the Cup of wine to benefit their health. It turns out that Christian is in moderate doses it is possible to take alcoholic drinks.

Also in the biblical texts can be found indicate that drunkards will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the passion of drunkenness is a sin. Accordingly, the Christian Church warns people from alcohol abuse. Moreover, the problem of alcoholism can be understood in the light of medical and be considered as a disease of human nature, and the disease is not only physical, but also mental (spiritual).

The Christian Church forbids to fall in the passion of drunkenness, because this can lead to undesirable consequences for the health of body and soul. But a strict ban on alcohol. Man has freedom of will and choice. If he is able to drink within reason so as not to lose the human form, the Church refers to it condescendingly. But if a person begins to abuse, it is considered sinful passion and to be prohibited.