Roller-skating without protection is dangerous. In winter, skating, fall is not so painful, because the clothing performs the role of a protection. The fall in the summer will inevitably lead to blue knees and other unpleasant consequences.

For maximum protection it is best to be the set consisting of knee pads, elbow pads and special gloves. When you select should pay attention to the following details:

1) the Knee pads have to close not only the knee itself the Cup, but the popliteal space. Usually when you drop kick falls on the popliteal region. Correctly pick up the size to protect snugly to the leg is not dangling and does not RUB.

2) Elbow pads also pick up strictly in accordance with the size. Better if they are worn on the hand as a kind of stocking up on an elbow. Such fastening of the Velcro straps.

3) When choosing gloves, pay attention to the part that falls on the palm was as thick as possible. If there is only one rag – protection in the fall will only except from abrasions, but not from the blow.

Pay attention to the materials of the protection. Remember that these attributes are not acquired for beauty, their main function is to protect your hands and feet from the impact.