You will need
  • check;
  • - passport;
  • - witness to the purchase.
Find out if you are eligible to return the sofa and get your money back. If you bought it less than two weeks ago, it can be done regardless of the quality of the product. The law allows you to cancel the purchase, if the thing just stopped liking me. But the sofa needs to be an integer, without traces of use - scuffs, stains and other damage.

Poor quality piece of furniture, for example, one in which damage is detected, you can return within the warranty period. It can be found in the documentation for things, it is determined by the manufacturer in the framework of the law - from one year to two years.
If your sofa meets the requirements set out above, please contact the store with the receipt and passport. If the check has not survived, to receive a refund will be harder. Then you will need to bring a witness to attest to purchase. The future depends on the goodwill of the seller - he may not recognize the fact of purchase without a receipt, but you, in turn, will be able to apply to the court to confirm the fact of purchase.
Select the method of payment of the returned furniture. You can either get the same model free of defects, or return their money. The decision is yours, the seller can impose you mine. Exception can be called a situation where couches of the same brand is over - there is only cash compensation or select a different model, perhaps with an additional charge.
If the store refuses to comply with your requirements, please contact the office of consumer protection at the district administration. His staff will tell you how to proceed. Be ready to pay court costs, for example, examination of low-quality sofa specialists. But in most cases the problem can be resolved without a trial after negotiations with the management of the store.