Powerpoint program to create presentations on your personal computer. With its help the user can in the shortest possible time to make a pretty interesting and beautiful presentation. The program has a fairly wide functionality, which includes: adding effects, ligaments, sounds, videos, etc. unfortunately, not all users can use this program in full and content with only standard features.

Sound in PowerPoint

To work with sound in Powerpoint is quite easy. With the help of special tools the user can not only insert a sound, but to split the sounds on the slides and stop it on a particular piece of presentation.

To work with this function, go to the "Insert" tab and select "Sound" (the speaker icon). In the menu that appears, select "Sound from file". This will open a new window in which the user will be prompted to select a music file. After confirmation of the presentation icon will appear, indicating that there is sound.

In addition, there will be a tab "sound: format and playback. In the tab "Playback" the user can change the sound settings. For example, you can specify where to begin on the soundtrack, how it will work can be repeated or not, etc. of Course, the sound icon can be hidden. To do this, simply tick the appropriate item.

It should be noted that the add sound is possible even in animation. Please click on the appropriate tab ("Animation") and click on the button "animation", and then it turns on. After the pop up menu to work directly with the animation in the presentation, you can customize the playback. The user can configure the parameters of the animation so that it starts with only a click, together with the previous effect or after it.

A popular solution to problems with sound in PowerPoint

Users can face the problem, which is to play two music files. In order to play in a row, you need in the tab "Animation", click on the arrow (located in the lower right corner of the item "Animation"). This opens a special window "Sound playback". Here you must specify the file, which will end with the first sound file. You can then test the functionality of the presentation and in case of failure to re-check the sound settings.