To insert the video into the presentation correctly, select the slide with the opening of which will need to run the video. On the toolbar of Microsoft PowerPoint, select "Insert" and activate the command "Movies and sounds" then click "Movie from file". It's best if all selected for this presentation, the video files will be located in the same folder. If you have further to record the presentation on removable media, the video files must also be transferred to CD or DVD discs. In this case, the storage of video (sound files, musical accompaniment) to ensure the performance of the link.

The next step after you select video to insert into the presentation will be the choice of the method run in the slide show. The easiest way to choose the mode "Automatically", but you can set the start to On click. On the slide you will see a small rectangle, which will display the video as a still frame.

During the presentation video displayed on the entire screen, you need to log-in settings video. To do this, right-click your mouse on the movie (the rectangle on the slide) and choose in the appeared menu "Edit movie object", then "movie Settings". Set the check box for the command "Expand full screen" confirm the selection by pressing OK. Now, during the presentation with the beginning of the show this slide, the program will automatically start playing the video, and at the end will turn it again and the screen will display the slide, but without a rectangle with a fixed frame.

If you need before the beginning of the video to explain something or to listen to the questions from the audience (for example, when explaining the materials in the lectures), you can do a startup video of the presentation "On-click", i.e. by the user of the PC. To insert the video into the presentation correctly, you will need to set the effect of animation On click.

On the toolbar, enter the "slide Show" and select "custom animation". In Microsoft PowerPoint, the right side will open the task pane "custom animation". Activate the video click on the rectangle, then "custom animation", select "Add effect", for example, "Emergence". The trigger effect click done. Move the animation to the top of the list of effects. Allocated "animation Effect" and let us regroup by using the up arrow. The work management start the video over. To check run the slideshow. When the turn comes to slide with the video alone will not start and further screening will be stopped. Click on the rectangle of video, and it will unfold in full screen. At the end of its playback, the program will automatically break the video and will wait for further commands from the user.