Open the presentation in Microsoft Power Point or create a new one – you can add music to a presentation, and you can add it as you create it. The first option is more convenient because you will already know how your presentation looks to pick up sound, then the odd elements like a sound icon will not bother you when you create.
Select the audio file that you want to add (it should be in the format of MP3, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, AU, WMA). You can select a standard sound from the collection Office, and you can choose your own by downloading it from the computer. In the top menu select "Insert" - "Movies and sound" - "Sound from file", select the desired sound. By the way, keep in the left-hand column, was selected the slide on which you want to add sound. If you want to add a standard sound, then select Sound from clip organizer...". This program also supports direct recording sound from your computer – this will allow you to create voice comments to your presentation.
Now set the play the inserted music. At this stage you will notice that add better sound to the finished presentation. Before adding audio you will see a window asking whether to play the sound automatically or when clicked. Select the desired option. Later you can adjust this setting. Click the sound icon, right-click and select from the drop-down menu "custom animation". In the right part of the screen the control panel animation in the presentation. Select the item with your sound, click the arrow beside it and select "effect Options". In the window that appears, choose what to and what slide is going to play this music, how it ends (automatically or on click), set the sound volume. If you want the same music played from the beginning to the end of the presentation, select "Start playback" - "From the beginning" and "End" specify the number of the last slide.
To hide the sound icon on the slide, click the right mouse button, select "Edit sound object" - "to Hide the sound icon during the show".