You will need
  • computer;
  • - program Microsoft PowerPoint.
Turn on the program. This can be done in one of two ways: either click on an empty spot of the desktop, right-click, from the pop-up signs, select "Create", it is "Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation". Or click the "start" button, go to all programs - Microsoft Office and in that submenu, select PowerPoint. You receive the PowerPoint, which will create a presentation.
Create a few slides. You can use to create the finished layouts, or do anything according to your taste. Enter the desired text, add pictures and information. The stuffing is ready, it is necessary to revive it.
Animation slides. To select, how will appear in the pages of the presentation, click the right mouse button on empty space on the page and select "slide transitions". Check the "automatically after" if you want the slides were followed after a certain time, not on click. Specify the time in the appropriate box, you can change the sound and speed of the slideshow. Just above, you can choose effect for slide change: shutters, checkers, rush, dissolution. If you put in the bottom right corner check the "autopreview", you can immediately see how it will look in the change of slides in the final presentation.
Animate text and images. You can now add animation to the text to appear gradually or suddenly flew from the edge of the page. To do this, highlight the text, click the right mouse button and select "custom animation". In the upper right corner, click on the active button "add effect", in which you can paint the detail of the movement of the text as it will appear, will disappear, as will move across the screen. For this animation, you can also adjust the speed and method of shift – click or after the specified time. In the standard settings programmed in such a way that the change effects each other happens at the click of a mouse, but you can configure the automatic change after a certain time.
Evaluate the results. When the animation in the presentation will be placed, you can see how it looks. Click "slide Show" and appreciate the end result.