It seems that quite easy to maintain order in the closet – all the things you just have to put in its place. But if places for different things-chosen ill-considered, they will be stacked haphazardly or simply do not reach the shelves and hangers. So they gradually can spread throughout the apartment and placed on the backs of chairs or other inappropriate places.

And when cleaning the apartment to spend a lot of time, and clothing is good to follow does not work. It is therefore necessary to consider and make the order in the cupboard is kept constant.

Where to start

First, you should sort out things by dividing them into the ones you intend to use, and those that are no longer needed. The latter is necessary to remove from the closet so that they do not occupy useful space.

If, for example, in the closet you want to save the vacuum cleaner for its host to better plan the special branch. It is also wise to place the pots and MOP, to provide space for storage of clothes, towels, pillows and blankets. If the Cabinet will be placed bedding and clothing, should not hold in this household.

Now we have to determine things for which needs it is supposed to keep in this closet. Of course, it should be premised that, what are the dimensions of the Cabinet. You can make a list and further in accordance with a list to organize storage space. This can be for shoes, clothes, accessories, a place to store off-season clothes.

All the things that are required infrequently, should be put away or higher. Nearby remains something that should be at hand. To embed easy to use various accessories like retractable light shelves, rods.

How to allocate space in the closet

An example of placing things in the closet:
1. On the inner sides of the doors placed accessories and bags.
2. At the top of the wardrobe placed on the shelves of suitcases or boxes, where the built things that are rarely used.
3. Long clothes hanging with rods for hangers.
4. In the trays under the racks of clothes placed short Jersey, under a long – footwear.

Than things smaller, the smaller should be the areas to store them. T-shirts, cardigans, thin sweaters can be folded on a low or drawers. Storage box underwear it is better to divide into sections.

If things are placed high, it is necessary to plan a quick and easy search. On packages, containers or boxes you can stick colourful stickers with the name of the content. Taking something from the Cabinet, it is imperative every time to put things in the same place.

Some uniform clothing items are better placed on the rod with hangers, for example, pants, blouses, dresses. It is easier to find a certain thing, and the place they occupy no less an example.