Advice 1: How to design a dressing room

Separate dressing room in the apartment for the last decades has become for many of pink dreams into ordinary reality. But not enough to allocate a separate room or part of it under the closet. Need ergonomic and maximally useful to be able to use the space.
How to design a dressing room

The perfect dressing room

The interior designers have their professional opinion on what should be the ideal dressing room. First, the location of the premises. For men – near the office for women outside of the bedroom. It is desirable that the dressing room was a separate bathroom or hallway. It is very convenient, but unlikely option for the average person. Usually dressing in the apartment there is one and it is a fenced off part of a bedroom or hallway.

The second great requirement is to have Windows and a fairly large space. The Vedas dressing room is that room where you have to select outfits and get dressed and put on makeup and style the hair. Therefore, in the dressing room in addition to cabinets and shelves can be a dressing table and large mirror, good natural and artificial lighting. Enough space and lack of clutter of things and wardrobes. Designers believe that the area of a dressing room must be at least 6-8 sq. m. And this is just the bare minimum. In reality many people manage quite well to place a wardrobe and 3-5 sq. m.

In addition to these amenities in the dressing room assumes the existence of an Ironing Board and a small ladder in order to make it easy to reach top shelves and mezzanines.

So I see the perfect dressing area interior designers. In real life it is not always possible to meet these high standards. And the main task remains the most convenient and compact to accommodate in a small room with considerable wardrobe of the whole family.

The dressing room project

First draw a plan of the dressing room with accurate dimensions on paper. Second, determine for yourself what you want to store in the closet. Especially if its area is small. This will depend on the size, number and location of the cabinets, equipment. Calculate the distance between the shelves, so you do not end up in the trap of too tight space.

We carefully consider all sections of the wardrobe Department for shoes, shelves for sweaters and sweaters, dress section, and departments for storage of outerwear, mezzanine. Take the bottom shelf for shoes. On the upper shelves and the shelves can store extra blankets, pillows, suitcases. All the things you use once or twice a year. On one wall can accommodate all the clothes on store hangers. Short things (skirts, sweaters, shirts) can be placed in two tiers. On the other wall section for things that you keep folded.

Do not forget about the storage compartment appliances – clamshell (if any), clothes dryers, brushes, mops, buckets, vacuum cleaner, iron and Ironing Board.

Pay attention when drafting the details. You should carefully calculate the parameters of all the shelves and partitions. Because then you'll have to order individually, or choose a ready-made sections for the wardrobes in the shop, most suitable for your sizes.

Lighting is one of the most important moments in the project closet. After all, look in the shadows right thing is not interesting. So it's best to do multiple light sources - a bright main ceiling and the additional illumination of shelves with led or spot lighting.

Advice 2: How to make a dressing room

Today in many projects of new apartments originally envisaged dressing room. It's really very convenient. Due to proper storage of clothing and shoes longer retain their original appearance and their lifespan is increased. Moreover, proper organization of the space makes you feel at ease even in a small apartment. But what to do if your apartment has no dedicated space for storage? Make a dressing with their hands are quite capable of almost anyone.
How to make a dressing room
You will need
  • - building level,
  • pencil,
  • - screws
  • metal profile
  • - drill
  • - screwdriver
Define the space where will be located your dressing room
If your house has a storage room is the perfect place for dressing rooms. If storerooms are not under dressing can highlight part of a room or hallway. For example, the dressing room will be very convenient and appropriate in the bedroom. If you have an attic room, it is possible to place a closet there. Simply put, everything depends on the layout of your home.
No matter which of the areas you have identified under the dressing room - it is necessary to ensure that there was good ventilation and lighting. If necessary, you can change the flooring and replace or install the door.
Select a material for walk-in closet
For dressing devices suitable chipboard, planks, or plywood.
Develop a drawing of the walk-in closet
Check the walls and floor are reserved for the closet space using a level. Make all the necessary measurements. Measurements need to be removed in three places, each of the walls: the ceiling, the floor and halfway up the wall. Make a drawing of your walk-in closet. Drawing it is recommended to do using special computer software or on graph paper so as to be able to enter all the details of your wardrobe. When compiling the project, you need to make hangers, shelves, rails, baskets and drawers. To develop drawing, you can use the existing projects of the wardrobe (just look online), or to design it yourself, based on your preferences and the amount of things you plan to store in the closet.
Prepare parts dressing
There are two ways to solve this problem. You can find the woodshop and agree that you did the cutting of materials, in accordance with the details of your project. And you can arm saw, planer and jigsaw, and to make the cutting materials on your own.
Mark the fixing points and drill holes in the walls. Fasten vertical wall, and then the top shelf. Installation of the Assembly is done from the top down.
After Assembly, wipe all parts with a damp cloth and install the plinth.
Useful advice
When designing a dressing room don't forget to include in the project a large mirror. Also if space allows, can be equipped dressing room a few outlets, to put a dressing table and a chair or Ottoman.

Advice 3: How to design a cottage

This country house has many advantages over the usual city apartment. You can always do some extension, if not enough space. And there is no need to spend time out-of-town on weekends for family camping.
How to design a cottage
You will need
  • a computer program for drafting
Before you begin to design the home plan of the site, which will be building. This is necessary so you can see the full picture of the location of the house and other buildings on the site, as well as for the development of landscape design.
Consider a few important points, which will depend on the entire structure of your home: how many people will live in the house, what the age of the future tenants, will there be frequent visits of the guests in the long term. This information will depend on the number of rooms in the house and their location on the floors. For example, if the house is to be inhabited by elderly people, their room is better positioned on the ground floor.
Place the living room so that they got as much light as possible, preferably in the South, in the South-East. But the place for the kitchen, bathroom, storage can be isolated Northern part of the house.
Make a plan for each room. Before the start of construction you will have the opportunity to arrange the furniture in each room, to see what exactly and in what proportions you'll need to create the final interior.
Draw separately the facade of each part of the house. So you will see your home in miniature and you can choose the finishing material for the facade.
Already having a more detailed picture of your home, you will be able much easier to make drawings of the future building. Install it on your computer program for the compilation of architectural drawings and proceed to the final design phase – preparation of the working draft.
Transfer all your ideas from sketches into a computer program. Here you can look at your house from above and make changes where you see they need. After approval of its project in specialized instances it will be possible to start the construction of your home.
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