You will need
  • roulette;
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • calculator.
Decide the location of future wardrobe. Often, especially in small rooms, the size of the wardrobe depends on this furniture accessory can be allocated a place.
After you decide the location of the wardrobe, pick up a tape measure and measure the height of the future Cabinet (as a rule, many prefer to install at home wardrobe up to the ceiling), its length and depth. Minimum recommended depth is 600 millimetres: approximately 100 mm will go to the sliding system, and the other of 500 mm and will fit hangers with clothes. Record all obtained measurement data.
Go to the detail of the size of the wardrobe. Remember that in essence it consists of a rack-box with lots of shelves and sliding doors. When performing the calculation immediately reduce the Cabinet height to 40 mm: still so much to take will be adjustable legs. So the wardrobe will consist of two steveh (Stevie is a vertically arranged stand made of particle Board): the length of these elements is equal to the height of the wardrobe, reduced to adjustable feet and a width of the back of the wardrobe.

Next, determine the size of the top and bottom of the Cabinet: these two parts are equal (the length of this element is equal to the length of the wardrobe and the width is the depth of the wardrobe). Determine the size of the Central steveh: depends on the height of these components from the desired height where is placed the rod for hanging clothes. In most cases, the height of the Central pillars is 1900 mm. Determine the number of shelves and, on this basis, calculate their dimensions and the gap between them.