You will need
  • Tape measure, ruler, pencil
When designing a wardrobe-a compartment, keep in mind that the rails (tracks) doors reduce the interior space of the structure. If the track width is 100 mm, the useful depth of the Cabinet will be less overall is such a value.
In practice, it is advisable to retreat to a depth of a few more, even a centimeter. This is done in order not to hurt your fingers internal rack, sliding door Cabinet. A very small gap between the door framing and the inner parts of the structure can damage the hands. If you plan to place in closet hanger perpendicular to the facade, the width of a hanger must be added to the width of the rail.
Design wardrobe-coupe is also planned width of the branches. You need to consider the amount of overlap of the doors and the wide open aperture. Wardrobe fitted with two doors, will open less than half. If the design involves three door wardrobe will open a little less than a third.
Depending on the used profile, the overlap may be different. For standard aluminum profile overlap will be 25-30 mm.
In the preparation of the formula for calculating the size of the door should take into account the width of the opening, number of doors and overlap. Door height is determined by the height of the opening.
To technological limitations refers to the maximum width of the filling, which should be considered when determining the width of the door compartment. For mirror and glass doors width ranges from 910 to 950 mm.
The optimal ratio between the height and width of the Cabinet door-coupe is one to five. Narrower doors are prone to misalignment during the movement. Practice shows that the best size doors – not less than 500 mm in width.
If you have planned in the construction of drawers, consider the width of the open doorway, otherwise the boxes will not stand out. The bottom of the box should not touch the floor rack when moving, so there should be a gap of about 5 mm.
Pen easier to flush into the front of the box, type "shell". Handles that jut out should allow you to move the door.
If you are using chipboard for the manufacture of shelves to limit their length. Shelves longer than 600 mm may bend. If you plan to put on the book shelf, the length should be even smaller, and the thickness of the shelves – not less than 22 mm.
The most laborious task in the design of the wardrobe-coupe is a calculation of additives for fasteners. The additive should not begin closer than 40 mm from the edge. Take it to the stage of designing the most faithfully.