Positive displacement pumps

This type of classification of machines of the kind commonly used for pumping more viscous liquids. The principle of operation of volumetric pump based on the energy conversion of the engine into energy of fluid. Commonly they are somewhat unstable and have a high vibration, therefore, are installed on massive foundations.

There are several subtypes of such devices:
- impeller pumps are also used as feeders;
vane, which provide a fairly uniform absorption of the product. To operate such pumps due to the change in volume of the working chamber as a result of the eccentricity of the rotor and the stator;
piston, which can create a fairly high pressure. These pumps are not suitable for abrasive fluids.
peristaltic pumps having the properties of chemical inertia and low pressure;
- a membrane;
- impeller or lamella pumps, often used in the food industry.

It is common to all these subtypes of properties are cyclical workflow, integrity, ability and independence-suction pressure.

The dynamic type of pumps

This type of equipment is divided into three categories: vane operate at the expense of the impeller or auger melkosortnogo); inkjet device (the supply of the liquid due to energy derived from the flow of the auxiliary liquid, steam or gas), and pumps-rams, which are also called pumps hydrocarbone (the principle of their operation is based on hydraulic impact, which causes the injection fluid).

In turn, the first type pumps vane – is divided into two distinct, based on the principle of action, subtype: centrifugal device that converts mechanical energy of the actuators in potential energy of the fluid flow and vortex, which is a little separate and common type of device operating by vortex formation in the working channel of the machine.

More classified and sub-type centrifugal pumps. On:
- centrifugal-screw pumps which supply fluid to the working body is in the form melkosortnogo auger with large-diameter wheels;
- the console based on the principle of unilateral supplying fluid to the impeller;
- axis (the second name - propeller) in which the flow of a fluid is due to the impeller is a propeller type;
- side pumps, also known as diagonal and turbine;
radial device with the same radial impellers.