The easiest option is a compact hand pump without a pressure gauge having a standard automotive nipple. However, such pumps are not ideal for bikes with big wheels as inflating tires will not be very fast.

Air pump — the best option for athletes that participate in bike races and various competitions where there is a need for superfast swap the wheels. In air pump inserted into the replaceable cartridges that contain air under great pressure. One spray on average is enough for one complete pumping wheel. Air pumps are expensive, so most often they are used by cyclists, whose every second counts.

A floor Bicycle pump is a stationary machine that is used for rapid pumping of wheels up to a pressure of 12 atmospheres and higher. These pumps are reliable and practical, however, they have a high cost and occupy the apartment a lot of space. Outdoor pumps are automatic and mechanical. From the mechanical models are the most comfortable foot.

Ilonsoy with pressure gauge

All professional model pumps are equipped with pressure gauge. Using these pumps, you pump the wheel above the allowed pressure. Some cheap and compact pumps also are equipped with pressure gauges, however, the accuracy of pressure measurement in cheap pumps is a significant error.

Focusing on the pressure gauge, note that the maximum permissible pressure wheels inflated if you plan to ride on asphalt and smooth city roads. For driving on rough terrain, sand and dirt wheels better pump to the lower pressure limit.

Ilonsoy high pressure

Pumps of this type are not used for pumping of wheels, and for pumping air into the air spring strut fork on the front wheel. Therefore, these pumps are designed for mountain bikes with air suspension. An ordinary hand pump to inflate the shock absorber is difficult, because the air in the fork may be under pressure of approximately 14 atmospheres.

Universal portable pumps

There are models of pumps that are suitable for pumping wheels, and rudders. They are equipped with a set of replacement nipples, pressure gauge, air chamber and valves for inflating air springs. The main drawback of such pumps is the high price.