The personal characteristics of the child

Choosing a children's camp, based on the peculiarities of the temperament and personality of your child. Think of all his Hobbies, imagine where it will be really interesting. Pay attention to the ability of your child to establish contact with peers. If the child is shy or introverted, it is better to send him on a trip with a friend.

Representative structures

When choosing a children's camp to pay attention to the appearance of sources providing information about it. Think carefully about whether to send the child to the institution, on the official website of which many errors, typos, and the design looks weak "three". On the official website of the children's camp, who value their reputation will always be more photos of all the buildings and other facilities. The more detailed the information the better. Be sure to visit the office where you want to buy a ticket, check with the staff. Their appearance, literacy and awareness camp should tell a lot about this establishment.

Availability of documents and feedback

All the activities of the camps are subject to rigorous licensing, ask to see these documents. Pay close attention to the reviews about camp on the Internet. It has a lot to tell you about the kind of holiday experience awaits your child. Good governance will not remove negative reviews about your establishment. If the reviews are entirely positive — an occasion to reflect. At the same time, if one and the same disadvantage is repeated in many statements, it also says a lot.

Living conditions

Living conditions in the camp must meet the needs of your child. Pay attention to the kids ' rooms, condition of toilets, canteen, playgrounds. The spaces should be clean and tidy. An important selection criterion is the power. If your baby is fussy, then it would be better if the food in the camp happens on type "buffet". If a child is allergic to any foods, then a vital opportunity to select the individual menu. Pay attention to the nutritional status of children — it should be a four. Ask about the location of the buildings, they should be located away from trails and roads. Another major issue is the price of the permit. Of course, it all depends on your financial capabilities, but do not choose the cheapest option. It is unlikely the children will be kept in good condition for pennies. Find out about fee for additional services such as excursions or transfers. Be sure to check that the child needs to take.

The story of children's camp and training its staff

Children's camp, work diligently for many years will enjoy greater trust of parents than newly emerging. Try to learn more about its history, leaders, about their experiences and achievements. Be sure to check out temporary work camp or on an ongoing basis. Now there is a camp operating on the basis of institutions or other large institutions, these institutions will certainly cherish their reputation. Particular attention should be paid to camp staff. They must have higher pedagogical education. A huge plus is the availability of the teachers for individual educational programs, work experience with children. Learn about the rules of the camp, its philosophy, what activity is the main focus. All this should be reflected in the Charter.

Additional services at camp

There are camps specializing in additional services. The cost can be included in the price and is charged separately. If the camp can provide the job dreams about your child, that is a big plus. Just make sure it has the necessary equipment and that the desired service is provided in full.