Birch broom for a bath

A broom of twigs of birch is very soft and has excellent massage performance. It will help with the aches and pains in the muscles, heal small pustules and sores. Also, this broom will improve condition of the skin – birch great fights with black points. It is also useful for ex-smokers because of its fragrance cleans the lungs.

Fir broom for a bath

The scent of broom of fir will facilitate the cleansing of the nose and throat from germs. It will improve blood circulation and relieve nervous tension. At fir broom has one drawback – it is very fast drying. For this reason, the needles fall off. Therefore, to harvest and to buy brooms fir future use is not recommended. Try to use a broom made of fresh branches of fir. Don't be afraid to shoot, he will not.

Experienced bath attendants advise not to soak fir broom. You will just need to rinse it in cold water. So fir will retain all the nutrients.

Oak broom for sauna

A broom made of branches of oak durable and a bit hard. It perfectly absorbs sweat. This broom is useful for oily skin – it tightens enlarged pores and makes the skin matte and a bit dry. If you have skin problems, it is an oak broom. In addition, the oak leaves abound in essential oils, which help keep blood pressure normal.

A skilled attendant is recommended before using the oak broom soak it for 20 minutes in cold water, then hot, for 5-10 minutes.

A broom of twigs of currant for the bath

Broom currant, though less durable than oak or birch, but it is very fragrant and beneficial for the skin. If you want to spend in the bath aromatherapy – note the broom of currant, but pohlestat them enough will not work.

Broom of lime for a bath

Lime brooms, relieve headaches and kidney problems. They are great to enhance the sweating. Another feature of Linden broom – it serves as antipyretic.

Broom nettle for the bath

If the soul requires something unusual, then pay attention to the nettle broom. He is highly esteemed by the most inveterate lovers of the steam room who know a lot about bath. When using this broom we felt a little tingling sensation, which some find pleasant. After leaving the steam blisters and pain on the skin will not. Nettle brooms are good for rheumatism, pains in the joints, sciatica, to relieve nervous tension and reduce pressure.

Experienced bath attendants suggest before using nettle broom to soak it in boiling water. Bathe them only after the body is thoroughly warmed up.

Bamboo broom for sauna

Broom made of bamboo – a real bath exotic. They are great for therapeutic massage in Russian bath and Finnish sauna. They stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle tension. Begin to massage this broom should only be done when the body is sufficiently steamed. Thus the broom in pre-soaking is not needed.

Brooms of eucalyptus for the bath

Eucalyptus broom is hold it in hot water for 1-1. 5 hours. If you attach this broom to the soles of the feet and face, cold immediately retreat. It is also useful for pain in joints and muscles, neuralgia.

If you don't have eucalyptus and broom, and experienced bath attendants suggest to take any other broom and moisten it in water, where it was added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. The effect of the use of such a broom would be no worse than the present.

Mixed broom for a bath

You can pick up a broom for themselves, mixing it branches from several trees. Experts in bath like a broom made of oak, birch and lime branches. This combination they consider most appropriate. You can also make a broom from only conifers of various types. For example, take the branches of fir, pine and juniper.