This important attribute of Bani knit from various plants. This should be strictly adhered to the timing of harvesting branches, rules of selection, processing and subsequent knitting. Otherwise, significantly reduced the shelf life of brooms and lose their healing properties. They have become not so useful, and in some cases may even harm the skin. Therefore, the brooms should be purchased only in well-tested specialized stores.

Birch twigs

Their enormous popularity is due to a range of useful properties and low cost makes them accessible to any category of the population. With birch brooms much can be done to improve blood circulation, which favorably affects the General condition of the skin. It becomes more smooth and elastic, and all the ulcers and non-healing wounds significantly reduced in size. Birch twigs for use by people suffering from asthma and many other diseases of the respiratory system.

Lime brooms

It's a cheap broom with a powerful diuretic effect, which accelerates the sweating, which is important for people with kidney disease. They are able to get rid of headaches and migraines. Lime brooms are versatile treatment for many diseases — massage with their help relieves pain regardless of the location, but also eliminates a variety of ulcers, rashes and colds.

Oak brooms

The advantages of such brooms is more than obvious, as the leaves and the branches of the oak have a high percentage of tannins, a positive influence on too oily skin that improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands and stabilizing blood pressure. Oak twigs are also encouraged to apply after physical and mental fatigue.

Alder brooms

Such brooms are inexpensive and widely used for pain in muscles and joints, as well as to treat a variety of respiratory diseases.

Eucalyptus brooms

They have many essential oils, so that they able to get rid of sore throat and runny nose. The lack of eucalyptus broom is too thin branches and oblong leaves, which somewhat complicates the use of them.

Coniferous brooms

Such brooms are made from branches of fir, juniper and spruce. Coniferous brooms should only be used fresh because the needles after drying quickly showered. Such "arrangements" need to be steamed for 10-15 minutes with a special steamer broom will not only be well steamed, but rich and powerful aroma. Needles along with a variety of resins can irritate the skin and increase blood circulation in the internal organs and muscles of the human.

All modern brooms for baths are manufactured exclusively from high quality, environmentally friendly raw materials, so worried about his health when their use is absolutely not worth it.