The time for harvesting birch brooms

The first thing you need to know when to knit brooms from birch trees. This is very important, because charcoal juices that nourish the leaves, accumulate in large numbers only in a certain period of time. In Russia this was done after Trinity. But since Russia is a big country with different climatic zones, and Mature leaves may be different elsewhere. You must use several ways to determine the readiness of birch. Try leaf on the taste, if it tastes bitter – feel free to knit brooms. Pull the edge of a birch leaf, if it broke at the tip (not the stem), then it's time to prepare brooms.

Carefully choose the place of birch groves. In any case, do not cut twigs from the tree at the roadside. It is desirable that the grove was located away from the roadway, was on the edge of the forest. Choose branches with medium and small leaf. This broom will be more dense and flexible, and the leaves will not immediately fall off, will last a long time.

Procurement of bath brooms

Birch twigs are especially popular among fans of the bathhouse. They are valued for their softness, flexibility, suppleness and freshness of essential oils. Brooms made of thin, flexible, and direct branches. It is desirable that the sheets were not damaged. Select side branches and carefully cut them with a length of 50-60 cm). Tie with twine cut branches into a bundle, thicker put inside, thin on each side. The thickness of the handle diameter should be about 5 inches.

And now for the drying of birch brooms. Hang brooms on poles or rope, tied in pairs. In any case, do not dry them in the sun. Hang brooms in the attic or under a canopy in the shade. Can be dried on a shaded balcony (not glazed, otherwise the leaves will collapse and will quickly crumble when using). Dried brooms keep lying folded on top of each other. Due to this they become convenient to use the form of a fan, will not get too dry.

From time to time shift the brooms. This must be done in order that the lower branches were not covered with mold. Check the handle is not weakened if they are not falling apart a broom? If necessary, pull both ends of the rope, tie in a knot, the winding will again be tight. The ingenuity of the Russian people has no limits. Some people keep brooms in a haystack. They just put hay in a pen outside. And when you go to the bathhouse, just pull the broom from the stack of the protruding handle.