What products you can take with you on a picnic

To feed the full 20 people without any extra effort, it is best to stock up on meat or a variety of meat products: sausages, homemade sausage, sausage links or specatcle. They can be fried at the stake – will be a very tasty, quickly and simply. Meat is pre-marinated. Based on the fact that a grown man is unlikely to be mastered for the entire day, more than 1 kg of food, including vegetables and breads, meat will be enough for 500 g each. But if you will have a range of hearty snacks, the amount can be reduced to 300 g.

In addition to meat products, you should be fresh vegetables in season. Best nature differ cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes. You can also grab some pepper. Well as a side dish will fit the potatoes or mushrooms you can prepare in advance, bake in the ashes, wrapped in foil, or grill on skewers. One person should get at least 150 g of each of the listed products.

In addition, you can bring hard boiled eggs, at least 1 thing for each person, 300-500 g of fat, a little salt and plenty of fresh herbs: dill, cilantro, green onions and parsley. Also should take care of the bread for 20 people is better to take 4 rolls, especially if the company will be a lot of men. You can additionally take a baguette and use it for sandwiches with pate or cheese. And if instead of the planned barbecue nipples is grab for each bun – then we can cook hot dogs.

I should take care of the sauces for meat and meat dishes. It is better to take a couple of bottles of your favorite ketchup and 1 jar of white sauce. You can also grab a bottle of plum sauce or hot Tabasco.

As a dessert better suited to a variety of fresh fruits, hard cookies or pre-baked pie. The last food all ought to buy him a piece. But cakes, chocolate candies or fancy cakes is better for a picnic not to take, especially in hot weather.

What kind of drinks you need to take on a picnic

Care should be taken to a simple drinking water – 1 liter per person. The majority of water bottles have to be without gas, especially if the picnic will be small children. 20 people should also take 5-6 liters of juice or compote. If the picnic will be in cooler weather, use a hot tea or coffee should pour in a thermos in advance. Well, the number and variety of alcoholic drinks depends on the preferences of the parties a picnic, so it's worth to ask them.