Make a list of the vacationoffer, because of the number of participants, picnic in nature will depend on the cost of its implementation. Maybe someone wants to go with children, and it is also necessary to know in advance to provide, what to take and where to go. Agree, a picnic on the banks of the river only men or among work colleagues significantly different from a family vacation.
The next thing you should think about – how will you get to your destination, especially if you go stayat a big company. Whether it is public transport or you're going to stay on the bike (to enhance the feeling of romance travel), corporate bus from a company or personal vehicles someone of stayawaiting. You have to foresee the different possibilities to move the group. Negotiating with third-party organizations, clearly discuss the time of departure and time of return, payment. Take the phone number of not only the head of the organization for transport, but the driver – this will allow faster to navigate in case of an emergency.
For the third step of the organization of leisureand nature. Plan what you will have: barbecue, sandwiches, or cook soup on the fire. Make a budget for the purchase of products or split between the participants, who will bring. If the company will have children, keep in mind that a greasy kebab will not suit everyone's taste, and provide alternative food options (pasta, boiled in a pot, or some porridge).
Consider what you will do during the holidays: play the ball, arrange the contests in the ability to kindle a fire and pitch a tent or just want to sing campfire songs. Bring the necessary props to diversify the rest and to take into account the desire of each participant of the picnic. If you bring children, you can go with them fishing – they are so interesting to catch a fish and examine it up close, and then boast of their catch. Rest on the Bank of a river or lake that has a beach to align with the competition on the best drawing in the sand or the funny shape of natural materials.
If you decided to have rest on nature in the winter, make sure to dress warmly. Consider a program where people could actively move to stay warm: skiing from the mountain in a sled, a ski run, a snowball fight or football in the snow. And sausages on the fire and hot mulled wine will fill every cell of the body sunlight.