What to look for when buying an air conditioner

Air conditioners, like other equipment, are constantly being improved. In place of the desktop, window devices came a split system. It is their it is recommended to purchase for installation in apartment or in a small room. These air conditioners are versatile and relatively inexpensive. Installed in a short time, we have two apparatus: external and internal. They are interconnected by electric cable and copper pipes, which occurs the flow of air. Noisy part of split-system placed on the street, allowing the house to enjoy the coolness, without any extraneous sounds. The indoor unit can be placed anywhere in the apartment on the wall. The remote control allows you to adjust the temperature, set the modes, put the timer on or off. To operate this machine very easily, you can teach it to children and the elderly.

When you purchase should pay attention to the availability not only cooling but also heating. Split-system can be switched on in autumn and spring, when there is no Central heating. There are air conditioners that use ozone-friendly freon. The cost of such devices and their installation is much more. On other characteristics air conditioners are no different from the usual, only do not harm the environment.

If a man loves silence and wants to install air conditioning in the bedroom, should give preference to the following Japanese brands: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic. Their products has established itself as the quietest. This applies to the indoor unit and to outdoor unit.

When planning the layout of a split system it is necessary to consider that the two blocks should be as close as possible to each other. The distance between them should not exceed 5 meters. The most ideal option: the outdoor unit under the window, internal — near the window in the room.

If air conditioning is used at all times of the year, so you need to choose the model adapted to winter conditions, with a wide range of temperatures. Often air conditioners use for cooling the room when the window temperature is more 20 degrees. In these cases, any split-system.

To air conditioning to perform its main function, it needs to have a sufficient capacity. When calculating this indicator it is necessary to take into account the area of the room. 10 square meters can be up to 1 kW of power. Floor, number of rooms, number of guests in the apartment are also important when calculating the power. It is necessary to consider what doors and Windows in the apartment, because the wooden Windows let in heat, so air conditioning should be more powerful.

The price and quality

When buying an air conditioner you need to be prepared to spend considerably because in this case, the price determines the quality. The buyer also bears the cost of installing the entire system in the apartment. If you want to save money not on the quality of goods, should pay attention to the following budget brands: Ballu, Gree, Haier, LG, Midea, Samsung. They have proven themselves as reliable manufacturers.