The most common type of air conditioners have now become a split system, due to the much lower level of noise and wide selection of places for installation. The main parameter when choosing a split system is the capacity that is determined according to two criteria – the size of the room and its location (Sunny or not).

The set of functions of the air conditioner will depend on the amount you are willing to spend. Price modern split-systems does not affect the quality and reliability of their work and depends only on power and extra "bells and whistles".

The determination of necessary power of a split system

Before going to the store you need to decide the power split system. Approx this parameter is determined depending on the volume of the room - not from the area, namely the volume. For this purpose floor area must be multiplied by the height of the ceilings, for example for room 18 sq. m. with a height of 2.5 m the volume is 45 cubic meters.

Manufacturers usually figures indicate the name of a split system how much it is designed. Example: 07 – 70 cu. m. is the minimum power produced split systems; 09 – 90 sq. m.; 12 – 120 cubic meters, etc.

When you select the desired power it is also necessary to consider the location of the premises and the presence of a heat source, such as a powerful computer. If the room has large Windows and it is located on the Sunny side, you will need to produce more cold to compensate for heat gain.

Exploiting a split-system, remember that unlike a window air conditioner, it does not provide fresh air, with the exception of only some expensive models.

The set features split system

The set of functions in the first place depends on the class of air conditioning – premium, medium and economy. The division into classes is rather arbitrary. Split system premium have the richest set of features, higher quality components and have longer service life. But at the same time and are much more expensive, although most of the features you will hardly use it.

Besides its main function – air cooling, a split system have the function of heating. However you can use it down to 0 or up to a maximum of 5 degrees, if the main unit includes built-in defrost system.

The features that has split system, can be divided into several classes:

- the functions of providing air purification using special filters such as plasma or anti-bacterial. It is also possible the presence of air ionizer, as well as the system removes unpleasant odour when enabled;

- provide additional operating comfort - due to the introduction of modes reduces noise, installation of movable louver that changes the direction of airflow in a horizontal and vertical plane. It will be useful, and the function is restarted, including the air conditioner in the same mode after a power outage.

function provides ease of control – the remote control is completed already, almost every split system, also whether the presence of a timer that turn on and off at any given time;

When choosing a set of functionality of a split system, we must determine what functions you need, because the more there are, the more expensive split-system.